No Stress Guide to Savvy Social Distance Shopping

No Stress Guide to Savvy Social Distance Shopping

If you weren’t a part of the 69% of Americans who shop online, there’s a greater chance you are now. What else are you gonna do while you stay at home? All your fashion dreams are literally at your fingertips. It's so tempting to snag that vintage Supreme snapback you’ve been eyeing for a week or those jeans that are sitting in the cart since yesterday. While we love a little retail therapy, online shopping has its fair share of struggles, especially when buying clothes. It’s important to make savvy moves and avoid online shopping disasters. What do you need to know before you shop online? Here are some tips on how to shop online. 

Always know your size: It is extremely important to know your size before you shop online. A simple size check will help make sure what you want actually fits. Your shopping experience is going to be much smoother if you put to rest your uneasy feelings about items that might not fit. Plus this means you won’t have to make a return that might end up costing you extra bucks for shipping. Most online shops offer size guides for all their products, this helps especially when models in the images are not your body type. If you know your size you can envision how the clothes’ fit! Which leads us to tip two, know your stores.
Know the sites you're buying from. Everyone is in a craze buying online and stores are updating and accommodating the online shopping experience. Check out your site for a few things.

  • Scams: Do a quick search of any retailers you give your personal information to. Internet scams are the worst, but generally avoidable if you put in a little effort. Do a quick website scan, does the site have an address, return info and safety policies? do they have a sizable social media following? How about reviews of their clothes? The little lock icon in the URL should provide you some comfort that your shopping is legit. Take it a step further and make sure the URL has the safety S for secure. Also, as a golden rule, do not click Facebook ads that offer prices that seem too good to be true. That's a surefire way to get yourself into a scam and potentially a computer virus!
  • Return and Shipping policies: What's worse than buying a product online only to seek returning it and finding out the company doesn’t allow returns? Or possibly your retailer only offers two week shipping options. Do a quick site search and find out what resources the retailer offers. You might be surprised by what you find. 
  • Size Guides: Many online shops offer size guides, which helps save time, when it comes to buying clothes. Here at the club we pride ourselves in offering a quality experience for all shoppers which is why we provide size measurements on all products. 

Buy what you know. Risks are fun, but not at the cost of return shipping and waiting for refunds. Limit your mad crazy purchases to sometimes and stick with the favs.

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Keep tabs on old buys. Some clothes fit differently than others so keep an eye out for what fits well and where you got it from. You might be able to find your tried and true faves on sites like Poshmark and eBay, even if the item isn’t made anymore.

Leave your shopping cart open. For those pesky items that you want but you aren’t dead set on, leave em in the cart. Most carts hold items for an average of 30 to 60 days so keep that in mind and sometimes retailers will send you a reminder that you left something in your cart. Bonus: sometimes they even entice you with a discount code to complete your purchase.

Go loco! Take these tips as you will and comment below your buys. Look out for our blog next week, here at the Club. 


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