Threaded Social Club Presents: 2020 Fall Trends The Club is Following

The fashion world is already showcasing an array of looks for spring 2020 but for all us fashionistas who are barely settling into October while wearing shorts on the couch, the fall season seems daunting. Well ladies get it together, Teresa’s motto is look good, feel good and this righteous year is coming to an end so lets keep your closet up to date. You need to know all the latest trends so you can stick it to 2020 like a true trendsetter. Can we agree this is an odd fashion season. last year’s trends were complementary and mainly to the T. This season the runways (which were practically non-existent but nevermind that) showcased a plethora of styles. Honestly this fall everything is trending from geometric patterns to bold grunge 90s looks. Much like this year, nothing is one dimensional. So keep on reading for a play by play of the biggest trends The Club is following this fall. 

Geometric Patterns

If you're an avid follower of our other blog then you know we are huge fans of print fabric specifically geometric and faux animals. Nothing says jazzercise more than a couple of extra bright triangles and squares on a leotard! Now we aren’t fans of that particular vintage styling but we do have our fair share of doable prints. Since the cold front is here we recommend layering sweaters and print pants. For a bold look pair two different styles together but for the faint-heart just pair your favorite geometric top with a sweater. We recommend this vintage Croquet Club Vintage 90s Neon Sweater or this mute monotone oversized Geometric Pattern Neck Sweater


What’s not to love, fringe is no longer for the boho babe, this year it's taking on a classy vibe. Christian Dior wowed with their punk approach to the office skirt but our fav is definitely the collection from Fendi. Their skirts are emanating major flapper vibes and the color scheme is just “chef’s kiss.” 


Versace is always ahead of the game and their showcase of metallic tops is to die for. Much like some of Teresa’s favorite nail colors that are duotone, this vintage Gold Lane Longsleeve is the perfect top for a wine night with the ladies. If you hate pants then this beautiful Rachel Roy Party skirt is a statement. 

Prep and Plaid 

Think “The Craft” and Mark Whalberg in “Fear.” Or “Heathers.” Prep fashion has exploded in the latter half of the 2010s. We love a good blazer turned two-piece DIY. If you're looking for something oversized and vintage, The Club is your one stop shop. Blazers are our specialty so you can puruse our collection here. Plus they are always in, so pulling out your grandparent’s vintage finds are a must. And don’t fear the shoulder pads, embrace them. But plaid jackets are only a part of the style. If you really want to be on fleek burst out of your baby bubble and try plaid accessories. We have the perfect scarf. 

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