The Club's Top Outrageous and Eyepopping looks from VMAs History

The Club's Top Outrageous and Eyepopping looks from VMAs History

If there is one thing that we can count on during award season it's this, outrageous fashion. It seems celebrities are of the “bigger is better” mindset. Award shows are celebrity showdowns and the catfights are often entertaining, unless your Lady Gaga and just upstage everyone. Remember when she tore down the competition with her iconic meat dress? Anyone else wondering how Gaga’s nostrils survived? When New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the MTV VMA’s will go on back in June, we raised eyebrows. At that time much of the nation was still under lockdown and quite frankly the VMA’s seemed a little reckless. But almost two months later, still knee deep in the pandemic, more companies and industries are taking it upon themselves to make sure they create safe environments for events like these.  Surprisingly the VMAs were actually not that bad, at least in the fashion department. We had to DVR the awards and watch later, remember ThriftCon a couple of weeks ago? Those hilarious fashion faux-pas. After endlessly scrolling and laughing, then crying, we’ve gotten our act together and compiled some of the most outstanding, good and bad, red carpet moments from the infamous awards show. 

Iconic, The VMA’s were stained with red: 

Heads were reeling when Madonna donned the stage in her iconic white, low cut,wedding dress at the first VMAs in 1984. Not only did catapulte her career with her impromptu performance but she solidified the legendary pop culture status the VMAs would eventually garner. Although she dusted off her single to perform at the 20th anniversary of the VMAs in another iconic moment, it was the original performance that still has heads turning. Her seductive wedding dress and sheer lace gloves reverberated throughout the rest of the decade. 

90s Grunge Goth

Drew Berrymore was a rising new movie star in the 90s and she boldly went full on vampire goth to the 1994 VMA’s. Channeling her inner Black Dahlia she wowed with her sheer form fitting gown. 


If Rose Mcgowan would have pulled up to the 1998 Vmas with Maryilyn Manson in tow that would have been enough, but homegirl took it a step up and basically showed up flaunting her gorgeous birthday suit. Since then Mcgowan has stated that the dress was a political statement she made after being sexually assaulted. “That was my first public appearance after being sexually assaulted. I was like, ‘Is this what you want?’” McGowan stated earlier this week in an interview with Dr. Oz. “I’ve never worn something like that before or since,” the actress said of the dress. “That was a political statement. Of course, there was no Twitter at the time or Instagram, no way to speak for yourself.” 


If there is one group that epitomizes the 90s it has to be TLC. They wore their outrageous outfits from the music videos on the red carpet, hair cones and all. Our fave? Well we can’t decide between the black futuristic regale or the pirate, beach washed white one. Both are unique and literally out of this world. Fifth Element vibes anyone? 

Harajuku Style: 

Nicki Minaj has always been provocative but damn, this harajuku style outfit she wore in 2011 exceeded anything she wore in her most devious music videos. Plus she was rockin’ the face mask way before they became a thing here. How much did her outfit weigh, we wonder? Also, did anyone see the blue panties underneath? It's a hilarious looking regale but also extremely unique and fun to dissect. 

Old Town Road: 

If the turn of the decade taught us anything, it's that more men are becoming fashion savvy and bold. It is about time we saw a man embracing his inner fashionista and Lil Nas X’s outfit to last year's VMA's! He stunned in his Liberace inspired retro outfit. Cowboy looks are IT. 

She’s Just a Girl: 

Gwen Stefani’s iconic blonde and red lip combo may be her go-to look now, but the punk princess had a much looser look when she fronted the punk-ska band No Doubt. The 1998 VMAs had so many iconic looks but this one is a nail biter. It's an almost perfect flop or “could be outfit.” I mean the blue hair blue bikini top is the perfect Anaheim statement and oddly the space skirt and pant works for Gwen. Plus where can you go wrong with face rhinestones. We can’t imagine anyone else strutting in this kind of outfit wear. 

Lil Kim 

Lil Kim is hella underrated and a novelty name nowadays in the hip hop game, but her unforgettable boob-tastic outfit at the 1999 VMAs is one of most copied looks ever. The controversial ensemble even lured Diana Ross to get a feel of the boob. 

Lady gaga:

Yeah we mentioned the meat disaster above but we’re bringing it back again. Nobody knows how to bring the house down like Gaga. This iconic dress is seriously gross but unsurprisingly it looks like a classy cut dress and artful. Whatever you think about this outfit, the point is your thinking anything at all, so well done to the designer and stylists.  


The queen is known for her outrageous outfits, but when she recreated her iconic “Turn Back Time” outfit from the 80s at the 2010 VMAs she continued her legacy of fighting ageism and society’s views on what older women should wear. At 64 she looked better than most 20 year olds. 

Lenny Kravit: 

He wowed in many of his red carpet outfits but this year he was feeling particularly spacey in his silver sleeveless bell bottom suit. Get it Lenny! 

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