The Club's Choice: Y2K

The Club's Choice: Y2K

Pop culture is obsessed with sci-fi imagery and ideas about what the future could look like. Before we had the slim and sleek modern era of technology we are in there was y2k. It was bold, full of color, wacky and alien-esque. Personally I am in love with this era of fashion. You really had to have confidence to pull those looks off. It looked tacky and very circular but revolutionary. Y2k was really pioneered and embraced in black culture and you see all these hot RnB girl groups like TLC and Blaque looking sci-fi. Lets not forget the impact of Aaliyah and Missy Elliot either. The last few blog posts have been centered around the late 90s, early 2000 fashion era. I wanted to try and recreate some pieces of this era, and let me tell you, it's hard. Fashion these days are heavily influenced by y2k, but still getting your hands on anything vintage or gently used is tough. Luckily we have a few pieces that you can pair together to create a y2k inspired outfit. 

The greatest item that embodies this era are these vintage leather pale pink pants. If these aren’t y2k then I don't know what is. Matching crop tops or bandeaus were a big trend but any crop top will work. Try this Harley Davidson Crop motorcycle top

I love the pastel glittered vibes of y2k and if you're a fan of shimmery eyeshadow then you're going to love these pants. Cop these y2k Nike blue lined track pants. This Fast and Furious-esque top from Harley Davidson is a perfect match to the pants. Finish the look with these vintage Tommy Hilfiger wedge sandals. If you don’t want to wow with the blue track pants just pair this fit with a black track pants, like these Reebok track pants with zippers

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