The Club's Choice: Winter Play


I honestly thought we couldn’t nosedive into a season any worse than the summer of 2012 when we had snow on a Tuesday and then almost record 90 degree heat the next day but this cold front that slammed is probably a foreboding omen for the 2022 season. For the past 2021 winter season, if you look out the window and the sun is out, it’s likely to be in the high 70s. Just a month ago the news was alarming everyone that it’s been two hundred and twenty something days without snow, a bit unusual to say the least (especially for us city dwellers). I mean the ski resorts were looking pretty…Bleak. That is until recently. It got cold and fast. It doesn’t matter if the sun is out because you’re getting whipped by the icy wind no matter what. The mornings are slick. I hate starting the car, that’s for sure. I believe Christmas this year was a complete drag because there wasn’t any snow and I’m sure I’m right because here we are, cold ass weather and no fun. As you can see, I ain’t in the mood so I want to help me help you by curating a list of safety outfits that come packed with warmth for those days that you ain’t playing Mother Natures game. 

Jeans are an essential part of the fits for the winter. I love a good pair of skinny jeans that are stretchy and mobile. Thats why these Treasure & Bond Distressed Jeans are must have. They are casual enough to pair with a crewneck, but can be elevated with some heels and a blouse for a dinner date. I love the patch on the knees and the distressed hem. Since it’s oh so cold outside this vintage Alpine Cotton Pullover is great. Snow boots are always fun, but a pair of sneakers will also do the job. 


We’ve talked about layering quite a few times at The Club and this rule of thumb holds especially true during the winter season. I’m really into the puffer vests and they are hot this season. This white sleeveless puffer is a great addition to your closet because of its versatility. Pair this white vintage Lacoste Puffer vest with this oversized comfy sweater.  I recommend a dark wash pair of skinnies, like these Adriano Goldschmeid Jeans. Finish off this effortless look with jewlery of your choice. 


Shackets have taken over and for good reason. If your body runs of the warm side , like myself, then you can free ball underneath one of these heat generators otherwise wear a long sleeve sweatshirt. These rustic, mountain men-esque sweater jackets come in a variety of styles and patterns, and our stock just keeps getting bigger. I personally love a good color combo like this Red, muted snap button shacket or this green one. Both are great style choices paired with your fav jeans and snow boots. 


When its really cold outside your only thinking about comfort and I know how you feel. Enjoy some warm comfy outfits for the cold season. Let us know below what outfits you create and hit us up on instagram, share your outfits. 

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