The Club's Choice: Windbreakers

The Club's Choice: Windbreakers

It’s been a long time since I went for a walk. When lockdowns lifted in 2020, I was gung-ho for being outside and just seeing people at the park. Then we slowly got back into this quasi-normal life and I skipped out on those pointless walks to nowhere. From the time I stopped aimlessly wandering to when I decided to start again, I learned a few things. Walking is for peace of mind and that is important. Tik Tok has recently exploded when it comes mental health and maybe its because I’ve been seeing these “stupid walks for my mental health” videos or maybe because I’m currently filtering through a stressful new year but the need to get moving and have time to think is really rewarding. All the things that I’ve kept bottled up are finally able to make it to the surface and I can work through them on the way to wherever I’m going. Depending on the type of person you are, maybe going to the mountains is your happy place, or walking through the bustling city is where you feel content. The point is to get out there. Get that bike, grab the stroller, bring your dog and get moving, at least once because it will help you in the end, and do it in style, which is the last thing I’ve learned. If you’re a great detective then you’ve probably realized that windbreakers are the second key to successfully going out, especially in the icy mornings. I would always see some crazy dude in tight black leggings with a windbreaker running in a blizzard. Apparently that’s peak time too. The windbreaker is a closet staple, even more so if you want to be outside. They are build to keep you cool, keep you warm! I was in the harsh Nebraska wetlands in the middle of winter and that windbreaker saved my life. We have a huge selection of windbreakers at The Club, so I though this was the perfect opportunity to show you the versatility this style of jacket provides. Let’s get it. 

Since this blog is about mental health and getting active I wanted to share with you the workout/fitness gear we have. I love this unisex Nike Retro Windbreaker. The color alone is a winner but the cut is nice if you want to wear it grocery shopping or to run errands too. If you’re a runner I recommend getting this Nike dark blue zipper jacket because it fits snug and will keep you warm.  We are currently out of our athletic pants so no pairings this time so the only pairing I got for the bottom are these Vintage Starter pants. They are great for absorbing the sweat. Sounds gross but totally worth it. 

Anyone who watches Football in the US knows the coaches always wear the waterproof jackets to stay warm. Let’s pretend we’re on the field again. This vintage 90s color block windbreaker is perfect with a pair of acid wash jeans, dark or light wash. 

Windbreakers remind me of futbol and London. The stint I had in UK culture had me thinking that tracksuits were the shit and they are. I feel like a West London baddie when I wear one or a hooligan. You know, Bend it Like Beckham style? Brands like Fila and Reebok have great windbreakers. 


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