The Club's Choice: Wide Leg Trend is back

The Club's Choice: Wide Leg Trend is back

Denver has changed so much, especially the night scene so it's a little weird walking down the streets I know and feel out of place. Well, it's not really feeling out of place, it's feeling new and exhilarated. I’m not the same and neither is the city I love. Everyone lights up, takes a few sips and enjoys the night out. Feeling the hot breeze tingle on my sweaty (ish) skin is not something I've had the pleasure of enjoying for a while now. If 2021 has taught me anything so far it's to take opportunities by the horns, be uncomfortable and enjoy it. After a year cooped up it's time to pick up the pieces of 2020 and create new memories, happier times. Nothing makes you yearn for more excitement than being “bored in the house, in the house bored.” Are you guys with me? Every week I am trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and do something that I haven’t done before. Or at least eat somewhere or go to a place that COVID makes hard to do. The same applies to fashion. Y'all know I’m short and some items are not as fresh on me as someone 5’5 and above so you can understand how reluctant I am to try the wide open pant leg trend. Well we got a few of them in and I have finally opened up and decided to jump in, feet first! Turns out if you find the right pair, they are true gems in the fashion world. Not only are they comfy, but remember that whole spiel I made in the blog about skinny jeans and millennials? To recap, no leg strangulation because they give you room. Now that I know that you know I’m taking some risks, let's jump into some cutely curated wide legged fits to get your ass out in the club or at the bar and enjoy the world like you’ve never enjoyed it before. 

I am living with all this 90s vintage revival, especially the spacey vibes in movies like the Fifth Element, music figures like Aaliyah, TLC. It’s all pastel futurism and man on the moon which I love. The style is all leather, and little room for anything else. It's not a style that everyone can make work but when you do! These pink oversized vintage leather pants are so in! Since black (or white) is the best color to pair a statement piece with I chose this Intimately Free People black Faux leather top. It has loads of emphasis on the cleavage, which, yahs girl yahs. If black or faux leather isn’t the moves, check out this white Vanity Fair slip, that I sassily say yes too for every occasion. Although we don’t carry this type of shoes, we pair it with a strappy square heel sandal for max 90s homage. 

Let's flashback a few decades where boho was very in! Although wide legged are very different from flares, since they have a tighter shape, I wanted to include these vintage wide legged Windowpane pants because they are so comfortable and versatile. The checkered striped and black color give it an updated look. Pair with a basic tank  and some sandals for a casual evening or dress it up with heels and a top for girls night out. Since velvet is always in, here are a few top choices that go really well with these pants. A clean palette leaves you the option to dress up your outfit with accessories. This gold velour top is perfect for any occasion.  We are breaking our own cardinal rule with this one. We’ve said it before but mixing patterns and prints is a faux paux unless you do it right. Luckily this boho Francesca’s wine colored top is perfect for this.  

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