The Club's Choice: What Did We Get In

The Club's Choice: What Did We Get In

Is Tuesday a great day or is it just the day after Monday? I know Wednesday is hump day which means Thursday is the day before Friday but that still leaves us with Tuesday. Tuesdays are my Mondays because that's when I'm in the office communicating with you all. Are you the type of person who thinks about the week like this, or are you less traditional? In the digital era and especially now that remote working is becoming acceptable and a norm do you work everyday or still a 9 to 5. I’m genuinely interested in what your days look like now, leave us a comment below, let’s check in. And on to the greatest part of your Tuesday, I'm sure because you wouldn’t be tuning in otherwise.This week is just a vibe check at The Club. I am obsessed with all the new finds we’ve been getting for the fall season and I’m like ``oop,that's a pretty dress,” “That looks so comfy!” Yeah please get me away from all the clothes! If you want more of a visual display of the clothes then head to instagram and tik tok to get an idea. We also have exclusive outfits released on each platform so BOLO for that. 

Now, look at these beautiful dresses! Out of all this week’s finds I am obsessed with this vintage 90s pleated dress. It's very retro but if you pair it with some chunky penny loafers leather platforms, you are good to go for the spooky season. This dress also pairs well with flats, pointed heels and booties. It's a universal dress, that is comfortable and not too revealing which is great for colder days. 

I love this Puma suit and thank God it's a size small or else! Does this fit really need an explanation? I think not. Just pair it with some fresh white kicks and you're good to go. 

We have been gettin in these great oversized sweaters and although it has a men’s size tag on it, let's get real we avidly promote genderless clothing. Bring on the skinny jeans and platform sneakers (although for the second week in a row we are having too much heat for Oct). 

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