The Club's Choice: Thanksgiving Attire

The Club's Choice: Thanksgiving Attire

Do you have any Thanksgiving plans this year? Either you're one of two people. You're someone hell bent on doing the absolute most this year, you’ve got plans racked for every weekend or you're trying to partake in COVID 2020 thanksgiving again. Good thing both occasions require clothes :D At the start of 2021 I was the yes man. If anyone asked me or invited me to places I was there, if we wanted to eat out, go to the outdoor market try new places (Meow Wolf i’m looking at you) I was there. After a year of doing the most minimal activities, I wanted 2021 to make sure I lived, and not in zombie mode. For the most part 2021 has been fun, but as the year winds down and expectations are rising as far as attending functions, I'm becoming pooped. Halloween is over, the sun is shining less at 7:00am, my tree is bare and my will to live is waning. Just kidding, the gen z in me just popped out for a second. What I mean is, my will to leave my room is dying. I just want to eat candy and cheese danishes while binge watching a Kdrama. Anyone feel the same? Thanks for not letting me feel alone. So that brings me back to my original question, what are your thanksgiving plans? I’m tired but I've already been invited to at least three parties so no backing out now. Whatever you're doing I wanted to show your fashion options. 

My family is super Mexican and I know for a fact that the dress code is a defining part of the festivities. Casual attire say what?! I don’t do the whole cocktail party attire but sometimes sparkles never hurt. Dresses are great one pieces. You know we love this dress, it's so damn beautiful and perfect for the holidays.

Some of you might not be in -50 degree weather, so for a more bohemian retro beach look pair these vintage Banana Republic Linen Pants with this vintage 70s Floral blouse. For shoes, keep it simple. 

Is it ok to say that athletic wear has invaded streetwear? It's pretty common to see cozy clothes like pullover sweaters and joggers or utility wear as a “style” or trend in recent years. Well this is my vintage spin on athleisure streetwear. I love this Puma suit because it is soft and who doesn’t love a gray and red combo. Matching outfits reign supreme but we’ve got this techy Off White Nike Collab sweater that works great with a pair of black sweats or even a pair of jeans. 

I like a great casual, basic outfit for all the eating that is about to go down on this feast-ive day. Skinny jeans might not seem like a good fit, but your pants have one job, to keep that Fupa nice and tucked. These Dex Jeans are stretchy and form fitting at the same time. Plus they are super cute because of their distressed style. I like to pair this with a basic black V-cut T and this honey punch cardigan. That way when you do eventually unbutton that first button you have some coverage.
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