The Club's Choice: Summer Wear

The Club's Choice: Summer Wear

Can you believe that July is almost over? That doesn’t mean summer is anywhere near over but it does mean you can get some new clothes in that wardrobe! Im talking about that beach ready fit you don’t even need to mull over, or that last minute friends get together at the bar dress. We all need that effortless, ready-to-go outfit that makes us feel good on any occasion. I love that this summer has seen so many pop up festivals and outdoor farmers markets popping up. We have a strong Chicano presence in Colorado and the community started this Friday night pop vegan pop up event. Its been interesting to see how vendors put together yummy food without meat. Meat is a staple in so many cultures so its mind blowing to know that our community is getting together to do the veggie lifestyle. This summer has been packed with last minute events and I’ve literally become the yes woman to them all. Summer 2021 hits different after spending last summer inside and aI fully intend to attend every event possible. Invite me if you have a party! 

This Vintage Linen Shirt Stretch Waist Dress w/ Pockets - Women's Size 9 is perfect for those day long trips to the farmers market, or brunch with friends. Its lightweight and linen which means 90 degree weather is nothing! I love the vintage 50s-esque cut on this dress. If your a heels gal, pair with these vintage Tommy Hilfiger wedges. Maybe throw your hair in a cute ponytail and pair with a gold bracelet. If your not that kind of gal, for a more tomboy look pair with some converse or slim sneakers and black sling bag. Tag us with how you style this beautiful piece. 

For all the fellas out there, I’m sure you already know a button down and jeans is a closet staple but lets throw some 90s grunge in the mix. Pair these Vintage Wrangler Cutoffs with a Tiki Bar Bikini Ladies Hawaiian Shirt - Men's M Flip Flops or boots, it’s dealers choice. If this shirt is a little too provocative, then I recommend a lighter color scheme and a more traditional pattern, this intage No Fear Floral Hawaiian Shirt Made in USA - Men's Medium  

I prefer shorts in the hot weather but some of you gals don’t mind the heat in jeans. I love a flair moment you all know that, so these vintage Mcbling cutoff jeans are perfect to show off any pair of heels and keep you cool. I like the idea of this outfit being retro 70s inspired so pair with this Vintage Rainbow v neck sweater vest or if you want something simplistic try this Loose Chance embroidered white t. 

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