The Club's Choice: Silk & Satin

The Club's Choice: Silk & Satin

When I think of fabric materials I can’t help but think of vintage movie stars draped in silk giving a stare to the camera for a blown out dreamy black and white photo. Silk makes me think of Starlettes and some mysterious longing to be in their shoes. Of course I know that it was a really toxic period for women, and our mental health is barely a mainstream subject talked about in the last 10 years, but still. A girl can dream right? Personally I'm not a big fan of silk or satin but it has turned into its own industry it seems. The curly haired community knows that having a luxuriously soft hair bonnet or pillowcase is what saves curls. Personally, they are too soft for me. I don’t like sliding off my bed at night, but I do love a silky top. Thinking of all this silk had me going through our clothes for some outfits including these pillowly fabrics. 

Let’s get the outfits started with a little business casual. Pair this Citron Silk Blend Top with these vintage silk front pleat pants.  A little black on black silk might actually be what you are looking for. The pants have a slight Harem build to them which works well with the flowy cut of the top. This is the perfect sushi lunch date outfit. The perfect contrasting accessory to silk, especially black is jeans. I love a good jean jacket to keep you warm, like my favorite Gaetano Jean Jacket

If you don’t know, I’m apparently obsessed with Madonna and so is Jess because she keeps sourcing these great Madonna-esque vintage pieces. The lady from the 80s is well known for her eccentric outfits and this sequined top lined in satin is exactly Madonna’s vibe. For a fun, modern take, just wear it with your fav jeans. My recommendation are these these Dex Jeans 

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