The Club's Choice: Shoe Game

The Club's Choice: Shoe Game

If you’ve seen the last blog then you know we are obsessed with shoes and the shoe game this year is out of control. Of course neutrals have been stealing the show all year round in 2021 and with a monochromatic look you can pull off anything these days. But, lately I’ve been really inspired by western chic. I love the cut of the shirts and blazers paired with a southwest vibe. The shoes are also a must, nice pointy chelsea boots and booties mixed with that iconic square toe. Since I've been online shoe shopping and can’t stop browsing the endless rows of sandals, and boots I thought I would put my fashion intellect to use and curate a combo of outfits centered around the shoes we carry. Yes! I know what you're thinking, we haven’t done anything like that. We talk about shoes here all the time. We even have a guide to heels and sandals, check it out. Let’s get started.

Because we love a good couch potato moment it’s only right that we start this blog with a pair of slip ons, the upscale croc. Sneaker slip ons make a statement and are extremely comfortable. If you want to bum around, pair these Polo by Ralph Lauren Slip Ons with these William Raft Distressed Skinnies and a basic t. If you want something a little more fun, yet still comfy get this Zara Trafaluc dress

For the snazzy dresser out there, check this outfit out. There’s nothing like a copper brown Oxford with a nice suit jacket. Take for example this Brooks Brothers Pinstripe Navy Jacket. Pair with your fav pants to complete the look. 

Here is another one for the fellas. Everyone knows a clean white pair of kicks goes well with any outfit. The possibilities are endless with these Fila Retro Sneakers. I like the 80s and 90s hip hop style you saw on the streets in the East, especially New York. There were a lot of fresh streetwear combos. Pair these vintage Nike Retro Jersey Tank with a pair of jeans. I like light wash with black but a good dark wash, like these Zara slim fits. 

Athleisurewear is hot, no doubt and the wave of a chic but on the go fashion trend is here. That is why this Current Monarch Dress looks great with these pink Tommy Hilfiger sneakers  

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