The Club's Choice: Rock, Blues, Country

The Club's Choice: Rock, Blues, Country

You know the feeling that washes over you when you hear a song you used to really love? The memories rush back to you, the feelings overtake you and for a minute your back in that time reminiscing. Lately I’ve been getting back into the whole indie Rock band scene of the early to mid 2000s. The Black Keys, The Strokes, Alabama Shakes, Arctic Monkeys, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Css, all these bands that played a role in my early 20s have me feeling nostalgic. It’s always amazing how songs can have new meaning, even as they're tied to something in the past. Let me know in the comments if there are any songs or albums that you can revisit and relive and create with. Since I’m back in the indie alternative and rock scene again, I thought it would be interesting to see what outfits I can create based on some of my favorite songs. Let’s see what I can come up with. 

It was revolutionary for me to see front men take a softer approach to fashion. I liked watching front men like Matt Shultz, Bradford Cox, and Foxygen break the machismo of rock and bask in florals and fem/androgynous pieces. This piece is very much an ode to the softer side of rock. Pair this vintage cream lace button up with these vintage oversized Kors Pink Pants. The top has this lacey pattern and open collar that reminds me of something out of Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. I like a sleek boot to go with this, western, sure black? Maybe. Maybe even a dirty sneaker might make this all better. 

The thing about the UK scene is their close association with rockabilly. I’m talking about Arctic Monkeys primarily because they hit U.S. airwaves pretty hard when I was in high school. American rockabilly translated overseas is very interesting to me and that's why this basic BCBG ruched dress is a must. It's very lightweight and easily can be swapped from a date night staple to a last minute concert staple. I personally don’t find dots on dots as a party foul so pair this amazing dress with this silky soft retro blazer. Creepers are a must. 

Festival season is leaning more into the fall season this year and it makes sense since, COVID. Consider wearing this vintage peter pan top with these culotte shorts and a pair of white tennis shoes. This is a pretty classic combo. If you want long sleeves and a little western bolo tie moment this vintage polka dot top is pretty great as well. 

Icons come in many forms and Karen O is pretty much as iconic as you can get when it comes to indie rock. Her fashion and beautiful voice is a hallmark of the scene so I thought we should end this blog post by a yeah yeah yeahs inspired outfit. She liked a lot of print patterns and she loved jackets. I imagine she would wear this Trouve gray colorblock jacket with a pair of black leather shorts like these. The shirt is up to you, just make it bold. 

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