The Club's Choice: Retro Revival

The Club's Choice: Retro Revival

So Jess has really been in overdrive buying clothes and looking toward the spring season. She found this cool site where you buy “lockers” and in this locker is a curated stock of 99% vintage clothes. I’m so excited for everyone to see what we got in, I'm living for everything! If it was all my size then I would definitely have a new wardrobe. In a few weeks we are going to be talking about our fav spring/summer trends of the season but to spoil it all, we are living in the decade's revival! Ruffles, in. 70s shag hair (yes I had one this year, for all about 2 weeks), and yes 90s floral dresses are here. I love vintage fashion because it is unique and fresh. If you're reading this blog I’m gonna assume you're ahead of the curve and know that walking into Walmart, or JCPenny’s is not where you're gonna find something one of a kind. Department stores and fast fashion hubs like Forever 21 and H&M work off cheap labor and sometimes the clothes don’t last long at all. Before I get all “pro sustainability,” let’s get into the theme of the day. Basically I curated a few cute outfits using some really cool vintage finds and more modern pieces! Check them out below. 

I’ve always identified with the darker side of fashion and culture and I look back at my emo and punk rock days as great! For me it was a time to experiment with clothes and be flamboyant in a unique way. I was painfully trendy now that I think about it, but I don’t care. Everything is trendy now and nostalgia is huge so why not bring back your favorite you. This first outfit is a sort of homage to my younger self (who is making a comeback). This hot pink Jordan ruffled blouse is bringing my Hot Topic days back to the surface. Since it's still chilly outside you can pair these cute faux-leather shorts with an oversized blazer, like this vintage polka dot blazer

Although this is a J Balvin shirt, it still gives me Bad Bunny Vibes. If you don’t know who either of these guys are I know you're living under a rock. I know it. Like How?! But anyways this is my Miami Heat outfit 1.0. Pair these vintage white Giorgio Sant Angelo Denim Shorts with this tight striped Guess x J Balvin 

I remember the days when I would wear skirts, but I don’t shave my legs anymore so no skirts here. This outfit is a two-in-one type, and heavily inspired by Kat Stratford from “10 Things I Hate About You.” She is the queen of skirts and outfits totally not tight and “sexy” like her sister. Although we love her skirt game we are pairing this Easel Silk Fur Skirt with this sexy Faux leather skin tight dress. 

You can see why I didn’t have a particular name to describe these outfits but how cute they are. Comment below or hit us up on the instagram to show us your outfits.

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