The Club's Choice: Red Roses and a Sexy Gaze

The Club's Choice: Red Roses and a Sexy Gaze

Valentines is around the corner and I can’t help but fantasize about those sultry colors that everyone wears during this incredibly heated time. I only see a menagerie of blossoming pinks, twinkling periwinkle, dancing satin purples, and in the middle blazing the brightest is a passionate and lusty candy red. I always wonder if anti Valentine’s Day-ers think about February like this. I already have a predisposition about every holiday we celebrate in Merica, but I still see the beauty in having a national holiday to celebrate loved ones. There’s a sense of community in it. Now my dad’s favorite color is red and Mexicans have a strong attachment to this color anyways so maybe that's why I like it but obviously its sexy connotations should be enough of an indicator. Siri play “Let’s Chill,” by . The vibessss. If you haven't guessed this “The Club’s Choice” is dedicated to the color red. I was inspired last week when we received not one, but two really beautiful but different pieces of clothes with a red pop of color. Being this is the first official Covid/pandemic Valentines we say fudge it. Anything goes and that also serves as inspo for this blog and probably them all. 

Are the french true purveyors of all things sexy? This vintage Le Maison dress is so soft and flowy but the pattern and fit is the highlight here. Some women like a backless silky number and others like subtly but all of it is in the name of sexy. For accessories, give this Tony Lama Buckle Belt a go. 

Another western-esque to complete your look. I love love love this vintage Brooks & Dunn western button down. If  it fit me I would be wearing it. Pair this vintage Together light wash jacket with this shirt. If you have a pair of light wash skinny jeans and black cowboy boots.  

Ok we are living for this fit, because it is so versatile! If you're going out then bundle up, this is one cold week in Colorado, can’t imagine where you are. A high end St. John Red Biker Jacket with a pair of White House Black Market skinny jeans, is a yes. Heels if you can, boots if you can’t. 

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