The Club's Choice: On piece Three Outfits

The Club's Choice: On piece Three Outfits

What I love about having a capsule closet, minimalist closet or a closet that is really well thought out is the fact you can’t go wrong with pairing outfits. Your closet is so well prepped that you have something for all occasions. One of the first fashion tips someone gave me was never buy stuff specifically for an event. You know, like planning to wear all white to a gender reveal knowing damn well your closet is 90% black… #problems I am notorious for planning outfits around parties and events and since it's yes girl summer it's been hard to shop second hand every time. We are human and we make mistakes so don’t chew me out too much, everyone has their vices. So to bring the point back around, I thought it would be a fun idea this week to curate a lookbook made from one simple item. Sounds fun right? Let The Club know if you like any of these looks. 

Most people think that all clothes in a capsule closet are really nice and not meant to do average activities, but that is not necessarily true. You can sport a variety of looks from a simple set of athlesuirewear. 

Jeans are your best friend because they are so universal and that includes all types of jeans. Today we are going simplistic with the color wash but bold with the style. These Vintage Mcbling jeans are perfect for classy, boujee and everything in between. Since they are from the early 2000s era, pair this Sheer White Dress over these jeans for a totally retro yet chic look. Keep the Bra simple or wear a lace spaghetti strap underneath. For that Hilary Duff look, pair with some pumps or strappy sandals. 

Look 2, takes an old pair of jeans and adds some pazazz. I love a good blazer jeans combo. It's a classic staple that can carry any event on its back. Take those same jeans and pair with a basic white t and this vintage silk Blazer. For lunch, opt out for bold heels, for a dinner date in an art gallery, pull out those sassy pumps or a thick wedge. 

For look three it's all about simplicity and maybe even a little grocery shopping activities. Pair them with this basic

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