The Club's Choice: Misc

The Club's Choice: Misc

Hello fairweather friends, happy 4/20. May your blunts be the best! It’s hard to imagine a 4/20 worse than last year when you needed a med card to visit a dispensary. Although that was short lived (and I mean short) I still can’t help but remember the news drama talking about the droves of people rushing dispensaries and the LQ. The state was in shambles and I was shocked but couldn't help but chuckle. People just need what they need, you know. Like what better way to pass the time on the couch than with your head in the clouds. So whether you're blazing up while reading this blog or in line for your Mcdonalds munchies let's get down to some of those bum outfits you can wear while feeling your peak laziest.

It's hard to believe we are at the end of April and still getting snow in Colorado. Us natives already know though layers are a must. Let's start with some basic jogger tank combo. Pair these gray lightweight Skechers Joggers with this champion basic gray T

I personally don’t know if Pink is still a hot brand to buy your sweatpants from but these green/gray joggers are such a nice color that we give it a pass. Just to match the monotone vibes and represent the 303, pair with this Champion burgundy tank

For the fellas looking for something to wear, these white Fila sneakers are your go to shoe that pair wells with every outfit. For a muted outfit, pair with these RDI sweatshorts. They are slim fit, not skinnys, which is nice. Pair with a basic t, like this Air Jordan graphic T. If you want a jacket to complete the look add in that pop of color with this red and black vintage pullover windbreaker

Like I said, these Fila sneakers are versatile so pair them with this next outfit too. Wu Tang Clan fans this fit is the vibe for you. This vintage distressed tank is up your alley, pair it with a casual cap, like this Dorfman fleece winter cap and these oversized vintage Starter red windbreaker pants, for some color blocking. 

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