The Club's Choice: Layering Styles

The Club's Choice: Layering Styles

Welcome to The Club’s Choice where this week we are spoiling you with a sneak peek of Friday’s blog. Yes, we give our best tips for layering and how you can work that into your wardrobe. The best part of fall fashion is the layers and I know you agree. If your closet is small or if the state you live in has a mind of its own when it comes to the seasons, then you know layering is so important.  

If you're wondering how to make a statement piece work for a monotone or minimalist wardrobe, it's pretty simple. Keep the accessories and other pieces simple, but if you want to spice it up here is an outfit that goes that extra mile while staying fresh. For this first look, I am focused on this Embellished oversized Western Coat. It is black with these gold buttons on the front that pair well with this Kut From The Kloth BootCut jeans. I love this Selena shirt and it goes perfect with this western-ish jacket. 

Layering can be funky and weird and that's what this outfit is all about. I love love this Retro Silk skirt. It is so 90s and I’m giving extra fashionista points to the gals who are already heading straight for their banana clips and combat boots to pair with this skirt. Wear this sleeveless White Shirt underneath and pair with this Red turtleneck sweater.  When it starts to snow outside, you're going to need something a little warmer and not prone to getting wet. I love a great western Jacket and this black Cedar’s leather coat was great. Go with a pair of gold earrings that dangle and wear your hair up. Finish off the look with a pair of combat boots or a pointed toe square heel. Think Jane Child in “I Don’t Want To Fall In Love” MV. 

We love the 80s at The Club and winter season allows us to pull out our best Allison Reynolds air this L8ter skater dress with a black longsleeve and overtop you can pair with a basic jean jacket. Or skip the black longsleeve and go for a basic black cardigan/Jacket that accentuates your shape. 

For the last outfit I wanted to create something breathable and everyday. Jeans are a simple yet stylish way to create a casual outfit. Pair these White House, Black Market jeans with this boss American T. On top of the fit pair with a loose fitting white button up and if you're feeling cold or need an extra layer, this MinkPink sweater will finish off your fit. 

Let us know if you create any layering styles of your own and lets see if it works.

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