The Club's Choice: Last Minute Halloween Treats

The Club's Choice: Last Minute Halloween Treats

Last minute Halloween: Adulting 101 

We are coming down to the wire folks. We are officially two weeks away from the last weekend in October which means you're probably reading this blog for two reasons, one because you love us and are our loyal fan who joins us every Tuesday or…. You're scrambling because you’ve got nothing to wear  for Halloween and it's all your fault for waiting until the last minute. Yea we think it's the latter but that's ok, welcome to the show. 

La Llorona is one of the scariest tales Mexico has ever told, and there are countless movies and “sightings” to confirm. It's also one of the easiest costumes to put together as well. All you need is a white dress and luckily this vintage Boho front hem will do the job fine! Pair with a veil, disheveled hair and to really sell the look make sure you have a face full of smeared makeup and dirt on your hands and body. Sell it, ya know! 

I love the vampire Lestat, he is a true gem of a character from the brain of Anne Rice. Tom Cruise also pulled major moves in “An Interview With A Vampire,” and that’s where this next fit comes into play. It's an ode to 90s sci-fi fantasy movies (mainly fantasy). Pair this vintage ruffle top with these skin tight black leggings. They are so cute, but beware they are small and have limited stretch. 

Maybe you're not feeling the Halloween vibes this year and plan on taking the kids out to do some trick or treating. This vintage The Klein dress screams witch vibes. Accessorize with a witch hat. You’ll be warm and nail the assignment. We are all out of our black boots but we recommend pairing with comfortable boots for a long night out. 

70s Boho princess. This one might be a little overplayed but hey, you need something! Pair this boho red maxi dress with this super cute fringe sleeveless jean jacket.
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