The Club's Choice: Jean on Jean and Jean

The Club's Choice: Jean on Jean and Jean

Let me tell you something. I tell this to everyone: I am not a person who sweats a lot. Usually I just turn bright red, and suffocate silently from whatever heat is burning me at the moment. The ability to sweat, and sweat profusely has been on my bucket list for 10 years now. If anyone would have told me the journey to shed water was solely based around physical fitness and being back in sweaty clubs then maybe I would have started doing both at the same time sooner. If it’s not obvious, I've finally got back to concerts (and started to get my heart rate up on the regular), which means dancing in the musty sweaty mosh pit is checked yes. Taking photos of bands, checked yes! But most importantly I sweat my balls off all night long. I could have filled a whole water bottle with my sweat and people were probably like who is this pig, but I didn’t care. If you're wondering why I'm pushing my sweaty problems on to you when you're here for the fashion, let me ease into my point. I wore my denim jacket as an ode to my previous life pre-covid but really even before that when I was still in college and the year after. Denim jackets were my best friend and an everyday must have accessory for all outfits. I'm still shooketh that I don’t own a black one. But I retired any jackets from all my looks in 2019 in favor of bearing arms to help control the heat and haven't looked back. After almost two years of no concerts I thought it was only fitting that I bring the jacket back. I did and it was great, but I'm starting to think that the reason why I sweat so bad was the jean jacket. It was clinging extra tight to my body and added more weight than necessary to my already fall inspired outfit. But That is what inspired the jean on jean action curated in today’s lookbook.

It all started with the jean jacket so let me introduce you to some of my favs from our collection. This vintage reworked jean jacket features this dope graffiti pig. I love this jacket because it's stylish, thick and one of a kind. For a retro 70s vibe pair with my new fav vintage jeans. Go simple with a basic t underneath. If you want something more fitted and light wash go for this Gitano jean jacket. It’s the most versatile jacket we own. If sleeves are not your thing or it's still too hot to wear full denim this vintage sleeveless fringe vest

You know we love a good 80s fit and nothing defines the 80s more than Jordache and acid wash. We have pretty much sold out of Jordache but this Stefano Acid Wash jean jacket is one of our most hidden treasures. I think this jacket looks fab with a pair of combat boots like these doc air waves. (ADD IN THE SHOES) and either these culotte black shorts or this early 200s skirt

I’m not the biggest fan of floral jackets but I used to wear them so I'll show you what I like. This boho wax jean jacket pairs well with this sheer white silhouette dress for a little country vibe. 

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