The Club's Choice: Green Vibes

The Club's Choice: Green Vibes

I love how the first three months of the year have a color scheme ready to go, January is blue, February is obviously red and March is green. I don’t celebrate national holidays that much now that I’m an adult. The satisfaction you get as a kid when you’re doing fun activities doesn’t translate well when you’re older and the magic isn’t there. Don’t get me wrong, there are so many adult parties that pop up in Colorado for every holiday just so we can have fun. Maybe I’ll quit being anti social and join. In honor of the color green, St. Patrick’s day and for momentarily bypassing extremely cold weather this week, I bring to you a few outfits that are inspired by this month with a hint of green. 

Muted and deeper color greens offer more options for pairing rather than a glaring neon color most often associated with St. Patrick’s Day. These vintage army green gathered hem pants are a great olive color. It goes well with browns, whites and blacks for a classic look or a rustic woodsy vibe. Pair these pants with a basic tank or white T and this beautiful vintage tan poncho jacket. This outfit is a perfect work-outdoor dinner transition outfit. I like a good pair of slip-on flats like the holy grail Big Buddha Black Mules, but someone already bought…. So Sad. I’m sure you have some shoes in mind for this fit so, I’ll sulk by myself.

It's almost spring (or Spring, especially if you’re in Colorado) then layers are important. We’ve been known to have blizzards on a Sunday and 70 degree weather on a Monday. That’s why I like a good pair of Culotte pants. They are huge, you can wear tights if necessary or have an air support system down there if you’re feeling a little hot. These front-pleated pants are a must! The washed out green is a perfect muted color for those of you following a minimalist color coded closet and they give off a rustic vibe. Pair these high waisted pants with a slim fitting tank, or a more flared loose fitting one like this Patagonia Organic Cotton Top. A pair of ballerina flats and a gold chain necklace on top of a white T would complete this look. If you’re a converse person then by all means wear with oversized scrunched socks. Jacket choice is up to you. 

It’s still a little cold outside, keep your jacket handy. The fashion world has left behind the green trench coat but it will make a comeback. If the latest style is long oversize trenches, then you can expect that the green military style on the runways at some point. These jackets are great with your basic pair of jeans and t. If you want 2000s vibes pair with these y2k flare jeans. Athliesurewear is hot and you can get away with a pair of joggers. 


I hope you like these casual outfits that can be worn anywhere. 

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