The Club's Choice: Gal-entines

The Club's Choice: Gal-entines

This year seems to be all about that Gal-entines! Man, all this friendship love is really bringing me back to my school days. I get a little sad thinking about all the fun times I had during Holidays as a kid. Your childhood lens should be protected at all costs. Not to say that any holiday these days is good or bad, rather its just seen through an adult lens. Thats why all these Gal-entines parties I’ve been hearing about are extremely cool. Its one thing to have a special day with your hubby or beau, but Gal-entines brings back the fun of elementary school days. Everyone gets all dressed up in something red or pink, and really Valentines Day in school is all about the candy and dope cards. Throw your hands up if you were all about the holographic cards, or your fav Buzz Lightyear printout. I haven’t received one of those in so long and as I was walking through the Valentines Isles I reached for these dope Bratz cards. Who would have thought Bratz would be back, less than 20 years since they’ve went out of style. I thought of my besties while I was looking at the cards so maybe Gal-entines is on a lot of people’s minds. Yup, so this week’s outfit spectacle is themed Galen-tines. 

I don’t know what kind of Gal-entines people you and your crew are but for those going to hit the clubs, party or spend the night on town, this first fit is for you. I love edgy, unique and sexy clothes that are a mix of vampy, rock-alternative culture, especially for Valentines. This vintage Lori Wei Weidner cocktail dress is amazing.  The cleavage cutout with a high rise collar is super sexy without being overbearing. You might be on the lookout for a Valentines hookup for after the Gal-entines activities. This dress is packing heat. Pair it with your fav black thigh high boots or a pair of black chunky Chelsea boots. If its cold then you can accessorize with this badass Moschino Trench coat. So warm and edgy. 

Themed parties are the best. I’ve seen quite a few parties catered around brunch, which is a great way to start the day, faded and with friends. A soft pink really compliments any daytime activity so this genuine cashmere two piece is a must! Its comfortable AF and the wavy wrap around adds the perfect feminine touch. I would pair with an eye catching pair of pumps, but combat boots work too! Be careful with this outfit, get it dry cleaned and pressed before the big day. 

If your looking for a versatile outfit, that is not overtly Valentines but still friendly enough for going out with friends and (potentially a hottie after) this last outfit is for you. I love a good white patterned blouse. This Pilcro Anthropologie blouse gives me Lestat vibes. To mellow it out, I would pair with shorts and that awesome Moschino trench coat. I think a pair of thigh high boots is a great night out accessory but for the day, pair with your fav boot and maybe add a little hint of red to you makeup. 


I hope you enjoy your plans for Valentine’s whatever they may be. Comment below what’s your fav outfit and show us your looks on the gram @threadedsocialclub 

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