The Club's Choice: Fever Night Fever

The Club's Choice: Fever Night Fever

“And we know how to do it?” 

Night Fever is one of my favorite jams to bump into in the summer, especially during the nights. It's my night out on the town pick-me-up. I’m about to go out, maybe go dancing or hit up a concert and I need a bop to give me the serotonin boost to make it through five hours on the dance floor. A DJ has saved me many times and I sense in the future he/she will save my life again. Please share with me your exciting adventures that you're preparing for in the future. I'm excited to get that glittery sparkly eyeshadow out, maybe a bold lip or some contour. I don’t know, it just depends on my mood. Now, since Colorado has seen more rain than Seattle apparently, I don’t know when I'm going to fit in a patio party but I do know that Night Fever will be on the playlist. This week’s top picks are coordinated for a fun almost summer function with heavy leanings in disco 70s. 

For the ladies with a love of jeans, this outfit is a mix of bold pants with simple accessories. I like to have one statement piece that draws in the eyes. These Vintage Yellow Striped mom jeans are perfectly paired with a white top and some flats for a dinner date with the girls. Possible these Buddha slip-ons. For the brazen, pair with a strappy top, think Cristina Aguilera in “Genie With a Bottle”  

I always like the retro, bookish Nancy Drew look that some women can pull off. In the modern age it's nice to have options. In the name of this archetype, take this simple mustard yellow, long-sleeve dress and pair it with a pair of pumps for a dinner date or a pair of white sneakers for a casual event. It already comes with a belt so just add some white accessories, or take the belt off and replace with your favorite one. 

I don’t know If I could last in a shirt like this all night because I’m a sweaty beast but just for the sheer beauty of it I would try to make it work. This Vintage 70s ruffled blouse is where it's at! The color combo is truly amazing and whether you pair it with some jeans or a skirt and heels it's a must have. For truly sweaty nights, just wear a bandeau underneath. No Need to layer up. I recommend these Hudson Flare Jeans and a pair of pointed heels to finish off the look.
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