The Club's Choice: Fall into Fall This Season

The Club's Choice: Fall into Fall This Season

It's the spooky season! I know what some of you are thinking, it's a little too early for Halloween decorations. If you think about it, Fall started a long time ago so if you think about it, maybe you're behind and the end of the year Holidays are going to creep up on you like a nightmare. Thinking about the end of the year holidays actually brings up the dreaded FOMO. Let’s talk about this, does anyone get a little FOMO during this time of the season? If you don’t know what that stands for (P.S. I had no clue till last week) at least you know you’ve felt it. Fear of missing out is a real thing. The Halloween FOMO is real for me, I love decorating being on top of the latest fashion trends and sometimes that can be an unhealthy obsession. When we ogle the runways and the fast paced nature of the fashion industry we always keep in mind the relatedness to thrifting and sustainable ways of keeping your closet up-to-date. Staying trendy and not buying new is not as hard as you think. Trends come and go and come back again. So if your fear (or obsession) is straying too far from trends shopping second hand is actually an asset. With this frame of mind I spend less, shop sustainable, and remember that my gently used finds are cyclical in the fashion world. Now that I got that off my chest, let’s get to the clothes. Since I'm leaning toward the fall FOMO, I want to share with you some cute dresses and outfits inspired by the season and are timeless. 

Yellow is a safe fall color that literally works, even during christmas. We just got in these Forever 21 Corduroy skinnies and they are so soft. Pair it with this sleeveless Free People top and a pair of sandals or shoes.

I love overalls because they are a classic and economical outfit. One piece of clothing! You better nab this Urban Outfitters Rust colored overall. Pair it with this yellow Elodie Top 

This dress screams 90s grunge and it's perfect for so many occasions.  It looks like it's perfect for a tennis match, date night or a shopping trip. Wrap a plaid shirt around your waist or even pair it with a jean jacket and you're ready to go. I love this dress because you can wear a pair of combat boots or platform sandals and it goes so well with them. For the ultimate 90s look you need velvet. This goth velvet dress is a must have for fall. 

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