The Club's Choice: Comfy, Cozy and Trendy

The Club's Choice: Comfy, Cozy and Trendy

Isn’t it nice to cozy up on the couch and have a little moment to yourself? A little relaxing time is essential especially as we round the corner for winter COVID 2.0. I think it's safe to say we are gonna have another vicious end of the year. What do you like to do to relax? I have a few routines in place to keep me sane like slumping on the couch for a good tv binge, or doing some adult coloring. Some people really believe in the power of coloring in between those tiny lines and as I keep doing it more I’m inclined to believe the hype. My favorite de-stress activity is (don’t come for me), cleaning. I can’t stand a dirty kitchen, or a messy room. If it is at least “tidy” then it’s time to bust out the gloves. It’s very therapeutic! All of it keeps me sane when I’m feeling a little worn. If you remember earlier in the year, we gave you a few ideas on athleisure wear and things to wear around the house. Fall makes everyone feel a little bit lazier and that's why I thought it would be fun for you to check out some of the latest cozy, fall fashion we’ve been getting in. Tik Tok and instagram fashionistas are really excited about fall fashion. Most of it stays on the casual and everyday styled look, while the muted, monotone but classy athleisure wear looks are again making their rounds. I think people are excited and prepared to do whatever it takes to keep places open while staying safe, or at least it seems like in Colorado. Let’s get into the outfits! 

I don’t do this anymore now that I’m not a big football fan but I would go all out in Broncos gear for each game! Yes I even had a vest knit for the occasion. I’ve mellowed out as a sports fan, i binge tv shows while i’m eating chips on the couch, not Sunday afternoon games but the outfits stayed the same, warm. Pair this unisex vintage Ridell Broncos sweater with a pair of sweats. These Reebok track pants are comfy for when you have to hit the store.

I love a muted outfit with a hint of color. These Nike Y2k track pants remind me of the spice girls and London. Since it's a little cold, pair with an oversized pullover, like this gray Stanford pullover. That's a fresh fit.

What I love about Gen-z is their lack of commitment. Everything could be burning around them but there is this general feeling that it all doesn’t matter. That’s what inspired this outfit. It's very “bum chic on my way to a boujee store,” vibe. Pair these pale Melville sweatpants with this cute pullover owl sweater or this vintage Umbro half zip pullover. 

Remember when all the old rich white guys would drive their lambos to Whole Foods and get out in their skechers? That’s the aura of this outfit minus the riches behind the rags. The ultimate “I’m spending the day on the couch” fit is this Champion monochromatic sweatsuit

Let us know if you try any of these combos. Tag us on instagram with your outfit combos and let us know how we are doing. 

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