The Club's Choice: Bringing Back the Disco

The Club's Choice: Bringing Back the Disco

Disco days lay ahead and I am all for the 70s themed roller rink parties once we get back our freedom! Can you imagine all the exciting things that wait for us in the second half of the year. A lot of people have been vaccinated already, and things are opening up here in Colorado. What is it like for you in your state? If your in Florida or Georgia then I feel for you. Although everyone is ready for life to go back to the days pre-Covid what are you going to miss the most about your time in quarantine. It’s odd to think that anyone will miss one of the darkest periods in our nations history, but all the ugly aside, 2020 set free a lot of people ironically. It was a time to pick up that long awaited hobby, create that start-up you always wanted to or just lounge. For others, our very important and dedicated essential workers maybe quarantine was a period of saving money. The reality is many of you were just trying to survive and the little things mattered. I’m eagerly waiting for you to let me know what it is that you miss. Comment below or find us on Instagram and leave a comment. Now I only bring up what I am going to do and the clothes I’m going to wear because you’ve guessed it, its 70s themed. It’s so hot right now I can’t even stress the trend enough. Every year in some form, decades wear is always in. Vintage is always in and hopefully I get to strut my stuff before the Tik Tok hype dies down.  

First fit is directly inspired by the flare pants and stoner vibes depicted in any 70s set film. Although it’s not ranked high in Richard Linklater’s movies, I really like the use of costumes to depict characters and aid in settings in Everybody Wants Some. Those simple summer outfits loosely inspired this week's blog.  This 70s floral button-up goes perfectly with this teal Z. Cavaricci Light blue jeans. Leave the top unbuttoned and add some light simple jewelry. The 70s was all about that glow so don’t be afraid to add some glitter to your body, guys that applies to you too! A lot of our outfits are unisex, no discrimination here but this one is definitely going to be rocked by either of you.

I am here for the natural curly hair movement and this next outfit is inspired by your natural self. I love this lovely denim vest. The crochet fringe feels so vintage and it’s a perfect match for this strapless 80s leopard print dress. So flowy and bohemian if you ask me. If you want a jean on jean outfit, pair this jacket instead with these flare &denim jeans and a tank, perhaps this vintage creamy off white crinkle tank. I love to buy staple pieces and create multiple outfits. 

The 70s played outfits like that nicely so when thinking abut what to wear remember that some outfits require a little sacrifice in order to look good. 

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