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Anyone like horror? Usually I have to wean myself into the season by watching something light and going from there but this year the fam is diving in.  I watched Halloween 1 and 2 yesterday and I can’t believe how great Jamie Lee Curtis aged. She obviously stayed fit over the decades which is more than I can say for myself. The neighborhood that they shot in was such a perfect depiction of upper class white America in the suburbs. It was beautiful, simple and seeing the leaves change was cool as well. The movie costuming is of the time and Lorie’s bell bottom pant with cropped collar long sleeve is a mood. Everytime I watch this movie I want to pull out my sweater collection, and it has more to do with the movie season rather than the actual fashion in the movie. Let's get into the fashion. 

If you’ve been following us on social media then you know we’ve been sneak peaking our latest collections on Tik Tok and Instagram. We just got in this new bright red Express sweater and it gives me Christmas vibes! Personally I think a pair of Paige Blue skinny jeans are going to match this really well for people who want a mature look. But, I’m living my best gen Z life and I would wear these flared bootcut jeans with it as well. You can also pair these flared jeans with this cropped H&M sweater. It’s from 2019, but in pristine condition.  

I love turtlenecks and this a.n.a Green turtle sweater is a yes. It has these form fitting cuffs that give the arms a puffed sleeve illusion. Perfect for fall. You can pair it with these cute Dex distressed jeans and a pair of chelsea boots or, for date night a pair of strappy heels. I love a good yellow paired with a light blue wash, which is why this
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