The Club's Choice:

The Club's Choice:

St. Patrick’s Day is next week! You got any green gear to flaunt at work or maybe a night at the bar? Yea me neither and if i'm being honest I never really took a look at what makes this holiday special other than irish car bombs at the bar! It’s a celebration of the saint, Patrick. I guess that one is obvious but there is a lot of booze, partying and green involved too! I still remember my first time getting sloshed off a car bomb. I had just turned 21 and I was hitting the bars, having fun being single and in college. There was this bar called the Celtic downtown on the city's busiest street. The crowd that night was bustling and I remember the street performers were really beating their drums filling the air with clamoring sounds. A few friends invited me out for drinks and I couldn’t say no. Denver is small but it packs a punch in a short distance so by the time I got to this bar I had a drink or two but was still walking in a straight line. I joined the shenanigans at the Celtic and all I remember is the bartender getting wild as he dropped the shot in the beer and handed it to me. I was sloshed and it was fun! We danced and I remember, a little too well doing the dougie in the middle of the bar. Beware this drink is not for the lightweights. It was one of the best nights of my life and it started with a drink. I imagined this night was a lot like what St. Patrick's day festivities are about. Friends, having a good time and a few life changing shots. We’ve all been there. Now if you're looking for some fun of your own or maybe reminiscing like myself this holiday let's get into some green outfits. 

I am definitely one for wearing the elf costumes and rabbit suits for holidays but I know not everyone wants to be so bold! Go for subtle greens or pair your favorites with a bold hint of the color. 

Men, a polo top is casual. Like this green Fila polo. Pair it with a simple dark wash Zara jeans and maybe a green hat, for example this green New Era Atlanta cap

Ladies, like I said last week shorts are already on their way in and if we get nice weather like we have been, or if you live in a sunny state then these Gianni Bini’s are for you. Any top will work fine but we like a boyish look to our outfits. Summer isn’t here yet but this Banana Cabana button-up is a yes. Wear a necklace or a festive green hat to complete this simple, festive look. 

If you're going for an office appropriate or old school look then this pale green two piece suit and Big Buddha slip-ons are for you. Pair with gold jewellery to play up the spring vibes and definitely get a neon green pair of sunglasses to complete the look.
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