The Basic T

The Basic T

Are you a casual t-shirt kind of gal? Are you looking to branch out of your everyday top and explore some of the sexier and bold styles of tops? Well you came to the right place because we have compiled a guide of some of the trendiest winter tops you need to add to your collection. There are so many cute winter outfits that can be paired with these styles to take your closet to the next level. As always if you're in need of some basic steps to shopping online or anywhere really, guide your peepers across this handy guide we made many moons ago here. It will help you a ton, we promise. Now that you’ve given that a read lets focus on your new shirt. You know what’s annoying? Fashion brands love to name different styles of clothes with different names. There should be a standard one name per piece. Like why is an off-shoulder top also called the Bardot top? Most people don’t even know her anymore and she wasn’t even from the states. Why are a pair of flares also called 50 other things. Maybe we aren’t as fashionista as we say we are but we do like to keep it simple. 

The Basic T:

Yes this is a basic, probably cotton or polyester T. The sleeves are short and the collar is essentially crewneck. Everyone has one or you should at least have one. There is a variation of the basic t with a slight v neck, but we get into that much later. 


The Wrap Top: 

This one is pretty simple. Target loves this type of shirt and you’ll find many at thrift stores. The wrap top has one side of a shirt wrap around another. For the ladies with a busty chest this shirt might be a perfect tool of comfort. For those with a little room a low cut might help accentuate that area. 

Tube Top: 

A personal 90s fav the tube top is literally a strapless, form fitting shirt in the shape of a tube that adheres to the torso. Apparently it's also called a boob top. Make of that as you will.

The Sweater: 

We are including crewnecks in this area because they run pretty much parallel.  Most of the time these can be made out of Knit fabric but not always. This deserves a guide all its own so look forward to that. 


Victoria Secret girls, this is for you. A sweatshirt is usually a loose, long-sleeved, collarless pullover with close-fitting or elastic cuffs (ribbed) at the neckline, sleeve hem and bodice hem. 


If you don’t have one of these we are inclined to believe your lying. This is the long sleeve top you wear to your therapist, meetings, job interviews, parent teacher conferences. You get the meaning. In every TV the female cop, the mother, the lawyer they are all wearing blouses. We wager it's the next most owned top next to the t-shirt. It apparently is a term that has come to define femininity. Essentially it's cinched at the waist or hips and loose fitting. Its also a long sleeve. 

The Chifon: 

The chiffon deserves its own little blurb for being a beauty. This shirt is essentially a blouse with all the equtremons. Some of the more ornate shirts have layers of chiffon lace creating patterns for the lace blouse. Others have really fancy 18th century lace “eat me, i’m yours vampire” vibes. 


Not to be confused with its stretchy cousin the tube top, a bustier is like the sexier, shape extenuating cousin. This top has boob cups and a corset top to really give you the lift you were looking for. Some come with straps and some do not. 


These are super sexy tops that can vary from spaghetti straps to bralette but always clips together at the crotch. Remember that bunny suit Reece Weatherspoon wore in Clueless? Yup, that's a bodysuit. It's also known as a one-piece. 


There are a few distinct stitching styles that make a western shirt what it is. The shoulder stitching is really important. This is called the yoke, which is another name for the shirt. The stitching has a flap that gives the shirt its western look. The cut of the back and front is also pointed on the sides. 


Do you need an explanation? Also, where would you wear this? 


The origins of this shirt are from England labor workers that wore smocks to protect their clothes and not much has changed. It's a bunched up turtleneck that drapes and flares out from shoulders to hips. 


Our fav tunic brand is Icelandic Design! They have so many cute tunic designs. Tunics can be lightweight but are primarily built to last and are thick and heavy. A tunic has a v neck and has slits on the bottom. 

Cold Shoulder: 

If your shoulders are cold you're doing it right. This one is nice because you can wear your typical turtleneck layered under something or bare. Show them shoulders. 


This is the same as before. Polo is a collared short sleeved cinched at the cuff basic T.  


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