The Club's Choice: Kids Core

The Club's Choice: Kids Core

On our 2022 trend alert round-up last week we mentioned a trend that was, for the most part of 2021 unbeknown to me. Kids Core. It might be known as something else to different fashion circles but that’s what we are calling it today. Its kind of funny because I actually saw this trend a lot on Instagram but didn’t know there was a whole movement behind it and that it really gained momentum in 2020. Nostalgic trends just make sense right now. Who doesn’t want to go back to the good-old middle school days? Maybe not middle school days but pre-COVID at least. When your a kid everything seems out of reach and adulting is probably the last thing on your mind. I miss enjoying the things I now take for granted. I hardly create New Years resolutions for myself, but I did promise myself that this year would be a step up for my mental health game.  A big part of that is bringing back my fashion game from Teresa’s past. Outfits are an expression of myself and I love that all my fav TV shows and toys are making a comeback. Does it make me feel old? Hell yes, but it also makes me happy. I saw some genZ-er make a Tik Tok mashup of Bratz Doll outfits and I wanted to drop everything and manifest my inner Jade. I’ve seen some crazy Kid Core outfits that my old ass just can’t pull off, I don’t have the body or the patience for what Gen Z pulls off but that’s also what I love about this trend, it can be minimal. It’s a versatile trend. I mentioned this before and I’ll say it again, when retro trends make a return they always come back updated or with a twist. Check out some of these Kidcore outfits mixed with a little streetwear. 

First up, gotta love a good windbreaker! This vintage purple Green iridescent windbreaker and pants set is a great for creating endless outfits. The jacket can be paired with your fav skater jeans or you trousers/slacks for days you don’t want to roll in a matching set. We recommend these oversized UNK patchwork jeans. I recommend a fresh pair of white crisp shoes like these Fila’s or a custom vintage pair of Nike Air Force one’s. You can style the pants with a vintage graphic T. 

This next fit has a hint of 70s boho but the Custom y2k Lee Cute Off’s make this fit very trend appropriate. For the top, this loose fitting y2k flowery button up is a yes. If you want to wear it open consider getting your fav cropped graphic T. The color scheme is essential to this look and you can either be a primary colors fan or playfully pastel. 


This Red Marbolo sweater provides max warmth while being super slouchy and stylish. Layer this vintage Cassidy Casuals sunflower button up underneath and finish off with either khaki trousers or a pair of light wash baggy jeans or your fav mom jeans. Accessorize with a beaded bracelet or maybe some nail polish? Personally I would find a way to make my hair a part of the look, but that’s just me. Here I come banana clip! 


What I like about the Kid Core aesthetic is all the Disney Channel and Cartoon Network references. I don’t know who this is referencing but It feels very Kid Core inspired. Pair this red polo with these fabulous plaid shorts. To finish off the look and make it feel a little lived in, a vintage cardigan is a must. Check out these fun ones. 


Now that we’ve given you a little off-runway inspired looks, leave us a pic below so we can see some of your creations. 

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