Techwear in 2023, Dead or Evolved?

Techwear in 2023, Dead or Evolved?

We’ve talked a lot about the gradual popularity of Gorpcore in the 2020s yet we’ve failed to talk about its not-to-distant cousin Techwear.  At first glance the two trends seem to follow suit, but tech wear at its core is more futuristic streetwear rather than mountain gear.  Techwear is a fashion style that emphasizes the use of technology in the design, materials, and functionality of clothing. It combines elements of sportswear, military clothing, and futuristic design to create a unique and functional look. The focus is on the form and function of the clothing, with an emphasis on quality materials, innovative design, and technical features that enhance performance and comfort. 

Techwear clothing typically incorporates features such as waterproof or water-resistant fabrics, breathable materials, hidden pockets, adjustable straps and buckles, and reflective or high-visibility accents. The clothing is designed to be versatile and adaptable to various environments and weather conditions. Materials such as GORE-TEX are used in the any six types of garments: shells, mid-layer, base, pants, footwear and accessories.


- Fleece and down jackets that provide maximum resistance to weather elements. Keeps you protected 

- Hard or soft 


- Light layers when bigger jackets aren’t needed such as hoodies, light jackets, windbreakers 

- Insulation 

- Offer extra layer of utility 

Base Layer: 

- Offers moisture absorption 


- waterproofing, shock absorption, and grip soles.

- Technological aesthetic, lots of straps, intriquite mesh to lace look

In the past, techwear was associated with high-end brands such as Gorilla Group, Acronym and NikeLab ACG, which created exclusive and expensive collections that were only available to a select few. However, as the popularity of techwear has grown, more affordable options have become available, and the style has become more accessible to a wider audience. Like anything that hits mainstream, the authenticity and uniqueness of tech wear was all but gone. In the social media era, aesthetic trumped functionality and arguably it was around tech wear’s peak in 2018 that we could see this style of clothing change. Lack of functionality and style options really killed tech wear. It’s hard to innovate a fashion trend that is based around the same tapered cargo pants and Acronym asymmetrical jacket. At one point there even became a standard model for what tech wear should be, hence the word ninja wear was born. 


While the term "techwear" may not be as commonly used as it once was, the influence of this style on fashion is still evident, and it remains a popular choice for those looking for functional and stylish clothing. Gorpcore is the evolution of tech wear. 

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