Skinny Jeans Are My Lovers

Skinny Jeans Are My Lovers

The wounds are finally closed and the internet has calmed down after the massive war between millennials and gen-zers, over skinny jeans. What a hot mess, yes we know but the war won by the wide leg has nonetheless subsided to a tolerable level and it's time to get back on fashion track. I still personally believe that the fashion world was changed in terms of how everyone feels about skinny jeans but they are definitely not gone. Flares are a hot trend but if we look inside women’s closet the skinny is still there. I said it in that blog (which you could read here) and I'll say it again I knew people weren’t going to go on a massive purge, even if I wished as much! I guess we shouldn’t be surprised considering the way trends are hyped. Even if you're not on Tik Tok you know what's going on Tik Tok, fashionistas especially. Someone is always creating a new look or doing some kind of “new look” that catches like wildfire. I don’t know if I should applaud the community and connectedness the internet has created or seeth because of the unobtainable levels at which trends move through these days. The internet is so flippant. It's been less than a month or two since the skinny jeans drama unfolded yet blogs are going crazy. Maybe it was a publicity stunt. It probably was. Nonetheless whether I find them cool or useless I need to point out that this blog post is part whiner and part praise. But mostly I give a hard side eye to the skinnies (not hypocritical at all as I sit here and wear the skinnies myself).  

Slim straight: 

I never thought we needed this trend and honestly we don’t carry many of these styles of jeans because slim fit needs to die. If you’re gonna commit to skinnies commit all the way. I’m not talking about life altering tightness but not slim fit. Slim straight has its moment but when i think of all the stretchy jeans at shops like Gen-X or places like that, i ain't feeling it. I think of Kate Moss with those bunched up straight slim fits. Eeeeehhh. No.  I digress, skinnies never left and I am slowly coming to terms with that. If you're dead set on rocking these jeans you need to bust out the paisley tops, which ironically are also in season at least in the beauty influencer culture. Strappy short heels and spaghetti strap heels are also a huge trend making a revival right now. Pair those with your heels. 

Bunched Jeans: 

Iii. I. Can’t…this is a trend! NO! You heard it hear, we are not for this trend. Please no, it is hitting among the Gen-zers it seems so maybe they are trying to “get a taste of the glory.” That trend started when most of these trend setters were being pushed out of the womb. If you like this type of jean your best bet is to go 100 with it and get them strappy heels or aughts boyband boots to pair with them. Does anyone remember the Party Rock Anthem? That's the ultimate guide to bunched up jeans. They are on the real tight side of things but hey, if that's your jam. 

Vintage Skinnies: 

This is an unfamiliar trend to me. I know people like the trouser pants that are calf length but I never knew skinny jeans would be cut in a similar way. Do you own a pair of ankle biters? Basically these jeans are slightly slim fit and cut at the ankle. Now those are pretty subtle and cute but what I have been seeing lately is people taking it to the next level. The latest trend might be the cut at the nape of the calf. The skinny jean is getting shorter and shorter. 

Distressed Skinny: 

I don’t think 2009 OC distressed wearing Mischa Barton is making a comeback anytime soon but a softer side of the distressed skinny is making waves. This honestly makes sense because the wide leg 90s-esque light wash flare jean is exactly what has been trending. I predict the subtle ripped jeans making waves, a simplistic and clean look, not ragged and ripped all the way down. Since we aren’t in 2009 and emo is not in, you definitely won't be wearing black on black. Instead pair a lighter jean and t for a casual look, or pair this basic staple with something flashier. 

Slit Hem: 

This trend is in a similar vein of the ankle biters. It's like everyone is taking the 2021 initiative and doing the absolute most with their jeans. 10th great me would be Living. But maybe I wasn’t bold enough to make this type of fashion happen then. Should I pull this off now? Mehhh, probably not. Look at the images and take a style cue from simplicity. Pair these wicked jeans with a basic white T. If you're one of us then you're already thinking about how you're gonna pair these jeans with your puffed top.
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