Six Must Have Items to Carry In Your Bag Everyday

Six Must Have Items to Carry In Your Bag Everyday

The everyday fashionista knows the industry is cutthroat, one legging rip or a heel broken and you're done for. If you're an avid fan of The Club then you're well prepared for these little mishaps at home. But if you're new, you're in luck, we know not everyone runs at the same pace but these five items are essential for every woman to keep in their bag. If you're looking for some more hacks or just some everyday advice to keep your wardrobe up to par check out our blog here. We got you covered. 

Clear Nail Polish: 

Most of us are not the most ambidextrous when it comes to painting our nails which is why clear polish is the best. Not only is it a great way to freshen up your natural nail but it’s a multipurpose item. 

Stain Pen: 

 You know how the Magic Eraser is every kitchen’s lifesaver? Well the Tide Stain Pen is the must have for your fashion stain disasters. It removes most stains if you attack it fairly quickly and no it doesn’t damage your clothes. There is some pretty simple science behind it, but it works great and it's easy to use, what more do you need? 

Extra Socks: 

Yup, we say an extra pair of socks is a must. For some reason these actually come in handy, just try it out. They don’t have to be huge fuzzy ones, even a pair of slipper socks will work. Trust us. 


This isn’t just your typical aspirin to carry you through the day, but yes include a bottle of those guys. We’re talking about some aquador or Vicks. If you're Mexican you already know the power of putting Vicks on everything but carrying a little tin each day will keep the pain away. For example that raw patch of skin on your ankle. Sound Familiar? 

Safety Pins: 

This is one of the most common household items yet it never finds its home in our bags. Why? These are every dress lover's best friend. No lie. If your dress hangs low, needs some extra stability when it's windy or maybe even a quick hem job. The safety pin is here for you. Just be careful to make sure the poky side is fastened so as not to hurt yourself. But if you do get pricked and bleed like crazy your gonna wish you had this next item. 


Yes women! Band-aids, especially the fun ones are a casual purse staple for you and your friends! You might just save the day. 

Let us know below if you found these tips helpful! Until next time. 

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