Shoeholics Anonymous: The Ultimate Quick Guide to for your Shoe Addiction

Shoeholics Anonymous: The Ultimate Quick Guide to for your Shoe Addiction

What’s up guys, The Club is back this week with the latest tips to boost your shoe game. I know we say this a lot around here but accessories are just as important as the outfit. It's true! Although accessories are not something we specialize in, for real hunting for premium vintage jewelry is a bitch and time is of the essence; we are avid fans of watches and earrings. It's much easier to capture a great steal on a cap. Have you seen our selection, its dope. Speaking of which, need a guide on hats? Check out our blog post here.  Aside from the chains and bracelets strategically hanging around your neck and wrists, the ultimate low key accessories is the shoe. The shoe is not an underrated eye catcher but it is often the piece of the ensemble most neglected when you’re getting ready. Kicks are literally essential. Shoes oftentimes can be an afterthought but one of the most revealing items a person can wear. Footwear symbolizes your economic status, interests and is a silent teller for your general personality.  Why the fashion Gods bestowed that much power in a foot cover is beyond us but we kinda like it. First and foremost, as with all things fashion, evaluate your closet. This is a general guide for the fashionista, but alas it's up to you to take these words and apply them to your wardrobe. Don’t buy a classy pair of business pumps if you're all about streetwear girls! Get them streetwear pumps with the extra heel! Check out our quick guide on picking up shoes, Women’s edition. 

The Basics

A nice white sneaker is great for many reasons and is known as the universal go-to. If you're rushing out the door and you're looking like a hot mess, a simple white shoe might be what you need to salvage your day. The great thing about the little white shoe is the variety! Teresa is obsessed with the Iconic Nike Air Force. That's a jeans or dress shoe. Plus you could wear it to the club, concert and dinner depending on your style. For you ladies with a slender foot, or looking for something form fitting the OG Converse is a great go to. Whether you're a high top or low cut sneaker gal these are perfect for everyday. Now here comes the more optimal and probably most well known of the three - here’s a hint, they are featured in a famous 80s dance movie…-- It's Keds Champion in classic white, ya’ll. They tout that shoe as the first in their line made for women. It's really small and cushy. 


Slinky and Sexy,

Every Woman needs a sexy, bold heel that accentuates a woman's foot and captures the eye. Fortunately for the ladies with a wide foot the shoe corporations are churning out a variety of styles. Any faves you ask? Yes, The bolder the better and don’t forget about comfort! The square toe look is a vintage craze! We like a short heel for the everyday but those 6 in stilettos work as well. 


How can we create a shoe guide without the most important footwear of all. The chancla, or better known to non Mexicano’s as the slipper. Many of you already steal your man (or woman’s) lounging slipper but for those of you new to the game, welcome. It's a shoe right of passage and a cultural enigma. It's best known for clout, comfort and wrapped in fur if you want it. A good old pair of Nike or Adidas are the standard but if you're looking for something different then sportswear, get a pair of Birkenstocks, check out our fine selection here. Anyways, the takeaway is get yourself a pair and you won't regret it. 


We are unsure when exactly the ankle boot exploded in the fashion scene but these are an essential shoe and if you don’t have one you’ve been living wrong. Forget your apprehension and get yourself a pair. These are the peanut butter to your PB&J. Your wardrobe is not the same without them. This type of boot can be paired with skinny jeans and flairs. Ankle boots are built for comfort because they are lower to the ground, hold your foot in place and so damn cute! 

Unlike its baby cousin the ankle boot, the high top or better known as the over-the-knee boot is for when you're feeling extra special. Yes we now have the modern flat version, but this boot is originally known for its sexy heel and curvy leg appeal. You pair a boot like this with a mini skirt, a short dress, ya get the feeling? This is not for the faint of heart. Also, find a comfy style. 

Strappy Sandal 

Aside from the fact that sandals have biblical origins (apparently), if the confinement of a shoe sandals are a happy medium. Although a chancla is kind of like the sandal a sandal is for the events a Chonc just won’t work. Every woman needs a pair of strappy sandals in their arsenal. Not only can you opt for (or out) of the heel but it's such a hot style be prepared to spend the day scrolling! Luckily for you we can offer some tips. Don’t go for full on gladiator length straps unless you're in a sunny state and wear shorts often. Otherwise those are gonna sit idle in the closet. If you're feeling overwhelmed stick with a sandal that accentuates the style on your foot. If your foot is slender, you’ll be able to pull of bolder styles. If your foot is a little thicker, leave space for your food to expand so you can last all day. 


Some style condissours are all about keeping the gym clothes in the gym but when you’re running your errands your foot need not suffer. Literally this shoe can jump styles. Runners are for comfy clothes, to casual wear and for the gym. Runners are your basic tennis shoe. Every brand has one.

Basic Pump 

This shoe is pretty damn self explanatory. A basic pump is every business woman’s go to. It's ideal for a casual lunch date and even date night after work. It's a transition shoe and it's actually super comfy. Or at least it can be. 

Loafers / Creepers 

For the women looking to spice up their shoe game, but hate the idea of wearing heels, the Creeper is for you. The Creeper has historically been daring with its origins in the european workforce and now a modern staple in alternative or indie culture. Its classic appeal is the platform heel and pointed shape. 


We literally shutter thinking of this shoe and our scarring memories of sore feet and peeling ankle skin. But no matter, this shoe is a must have, probably even more so than a sandal. A sandal is a universal banned shoe in the workplace but a flat is able to cross the line and these days business professional wear boundaries are being pushed. The ballet flat is famous, but a great pair of pointed toes will class up any jeans and basic T.

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