Revisiting New Year New Me

Revisiting New Year New Me

Do ya ever sound so righteous in your convictions and look back at that time and just cringe?! Yeah, we’ve all been there. When going back and reading our love letter to 2021 we were surprised that our new year’s resolutions were not too shabby. 2022 was quite consistent. Gen z still hates skinny jeans (and frankly so does Teresa), washing our clothes properly is still important (we knew that tho) and yeah we all could do a little more sustainable shopping in our lives. This year is a weird 12 months to say goodbye to for sure. If you’ve been keeping up with us, then you know we’ve had so much happen. In the new year we will celebrate our 1 year anniversary of moving headquarters, go Wolverines! 2022 was a year of trial and error, expansion and growth. Since we are coming up to resolution season, let's revisit the advice we dished up last year and see if it still holds true. 

Shop sustainable, ethical, vintage… 

By now we should realize this is a mantra to live by, not kind words of encouragement. This will probably hold valid until the day we die. More and more people are shopping sustainably each year which is great! Gen-z alone carries bold statistics such as  “Sixty-two percent of Gen Z and millennial consumers said they look for items secondhand before buying new. And almost half of Gen Z and millennial consumers (46%) consider the potential resale value of an item before purchasing it, per the report.” We love to see stats like this but it's about to be 2023 so let's offer a fresh perspective on this great advice. No matter how much you thrift, fast fashion culture is alive and thriving! So continue to shop sustainable and beware of big brands that throw around the terms, sustainable (looking at you H&M), ethical(stats should be provided on the websites, most big corporations don’t even pay pennies for hours of work), and fair. There are always small people making sure a big company runs. 


Shop Trends?

Now, our advice last year was to find the new you and roll with it. That means explore trends and buy your look. It's fantastic that recent trends have all harkened back to early 2000s eras and shopping resale is easier than ever. You can find modern vintage-spired pieces and actual vintage pieces right in the comfort of your home or the discount days in store. No need to head to H&M or target. Next time you want to shop a trend and see something in the store, often times you can find it cheaper and maybe even tags still on at the thrift. 


Shopping with a mindset and not impulse. 

This tip goes hand in hand with the last. Shopping with a mindset and goal is important. We all impulse buy and usually don’t feel too good when it comes to making bad clothes investments. If you have a vision, then your wardrobe and your wallet will thank you. It's simple to buy a bunch of random items and try to make it work, but it's easier in the long run to create a plan after research and some and head to the thrift with that in mind

Wow its nice to know our old advice is still fresh! Thank you for revisiting our new years advice and we look forward to what 2023 will bring.

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