Know Your Neck & Dress to Impress

Know Your Neck & Dress to Impress

Quick Guide to styling your neckline: 

Do you ever have those days where you feel like your shirt just isn't doing you justice? You know your body is gorgeous but you feel like your clothes just ain’t doing it. It's probably because your current styling routine is not catering to your body type and that’s ok! If you’ve been keeping up with our blog from the beginning, then you know we have taken you through some eye opening topics. On a day-to-day level who really thinks about clothes and their impact? Like how a pair of jeans or a certain type of shirt can change how your body looks. Or why you shouldn’t succumb to fleeting trends and keep your closet minimal with a few statement pieces. Well again we come bearing great advice and things to think about while you're hopefully staying home as our nation rages on. We covered types of jeans, body sizes, how to online shop and now we bring you a closer look at necklines. Styling based around your neckline seems so offbeat that maybe you never thought about how a V-neck does wonders for top heavy women versus a turtleneck for small chested women. Well we have all that below keep reading. 

It’s funny how relative and common sense all this is and when we go through it, it will magically seem to make sense. We’ve come to the conclusion that if you have the space up on top then it's practically free reign for many shirt styles, especially those with fun lace trim and collars. It's all down to proportions really. Remember when we taught you how to identify your body type? Well that comes into play here as well. We broadly went over the no stripes rule when it comes to tops but here let's explain why. If your body is long and rectangular and you want to bring out more feminine curves then add some shape to those places. If that is your goal. If you're going for a more androgenous, non gender-conforming style then these guidelines or rules will apply less. So, if you're busty, don’t try to overpower what you already have going. Keep it light on top. Remember these are all general guidelines because fashion is meant to be fun or whatever you want it to be really. 

There are a few types of necklines that will help you in your search for the best fit. If your unsure of what you have going on in that area then consult the list below: 

Short and wide neck 

Going by the proportional standards, if your neck is wide yet short then you want to open up this area.  Search for shirts and tops with plunging necklines to elongate that area. Shirts with flat collars or none at all are your best friend. 

Short decollette and big bust 

The same applies for the above. If your boobs are big, wearing turtlenecks or high collar shirts will elongate the neck from boob space making your boobs look lower than they really are. You want to play that space to your advantage so go for v necks, square cut shirts and scoop necks work well also. 

Long and thick neck 

 When you're trying to proportion out your body it only makes sense that you want to bring balance to your extra long neck. While short or thick necks want to widen and reveal more, you will want to wear those high collars and stack on the jewellery. You have more space to personalize and centralize the focus. 

Small bust long decollette 

If your girls are smaller and your chest area is pretty wide then you can get away with wearing high necklines and wearing minimal or piece statement jewelry. You don’t want to layer a bunch of items to the top because you risk your boobs looking saggy. 

Long Decollette w/ big bust 

If your chest area, collar to boob, is vast you will benefit from layering. Unlike small busts with long decolletes, layering jewelry or clothes, v necks and open fronts will give you more shape.

Long decollette w/normal bust 

Avoid those high necklines. They won’t do anything for you.  

Broad shoulders 

If you have broad shoulders all the attention should be centralized and tightened to the middle. Wear tops that cover your shoulders and v neck. Square cut tops will only accentuate the shoulder area as well as the neck and some bust.

Double chin 

Raise your hand if you feel the double chin pain! 🤚 As with the short and wide necks keep that area clean. Anything that hones the focus to your neck will also focus on your chin. 

Let us know in the comments how this guide helped you!

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