Pop Icons Who Broke the Mold,

Pop Icons Who Broke the Mold,



In honor of Women’s History month its the perfect time to recognize women and our amazing contributions to the world and more importantly fashion. We love seeing women use fashion as a tool defying stereotypes, gender, ageism and sexism. Picking what to wear is a way to express personality, to hide what we feel and wear it on our sleeves (literally) if we feel like it. This week we are applauding icons who we feel keep pushing fashion boundaries from around the world. 


Mexico: Frida Khalo is the OG veterana of turning Mexican fashion that is so traditional, present yet latent into a powerful movement that bridges old ideas with fresh perspectives. Although she did cross gender norms by wearing pants and suits when she was mobile, what is more revolutionary was reclaiming traditional Mexican outfits worn by women. She, like many people on this list made the choice to wear clothes that were forced on women, by choice. She liked to play with fashion and instead of wearing trendy European clothes, she used fabrics from around the world and played with textures and patterns a lot. Her outfits were also a way for her to hide her ailing disability that eventually led her to being bedridden. She was quick to pair flowery and flow skirts with patterned scarfs and beautiful ornate jewlery. Not only did her efforts make her an international star but the exposure of the art scene in Mexico and the country in general received much recognition. Her personality was embodied in every art form she touched and that includes her love of clothes. 


Selena: Ok, did you know that Selena was Half Cherokee? Yes, yes, yes!! We couldn’t believe this awesome fact was hidden from us for so long. Anyways, the Tejano singer broke boundaries and struck a cord in every Chicano’s heart. Many Mexican / Latin-Americans identified with her music and what she represented. Her fashion still lives on and each year someone creates a makeup collection, or snaps an instagram photo their outfit inspired by Sellllena! She will always be memorialized in the 90s where her carefree wardrobe off stage still inspires the nostalgia trend we see resurge today. 


Helen Mirren: Helen is a savage on and off he screen and her acting abilities match her pension for flowery and bold attire. We love women who rock a strong pant suit game and she has done it quite a few times. 

Kali Uchis: Kali is the queen of vintage 90s and early 2000s revival mixed with 60s and 70s aesthetic. She makes it on the list because of her rash (in a great way) ensembles. She is bold and very detail oriented when it comes to what an outfit says about her. Androgynous fashion is in right now, and the boundaries between what a guy and girl can wear is blurred yet some women are taking another approach to fashion. Kali is almost hyper aware of her sexuality and has claimed that for herself. Often times her outfits are very revealing and provocative and womanly and it very tasteful. Much of that has to do with the female pop-star landscape changing. She is the number one consultant in what she does with her music, body, image. There isn’t a Brittany situation, thank god. 

Cher: Cher is a no brainer. She has been a pop queen who has survived decades staying relative with her music and recently a clip of her talking about men went viral and continues to be used in memes and all sorts of social media content. Cher’s influence on the Kardashian clan is undeniable and everyone at the 2019 met gala decided it wasn’t “camp” themed rather a day to celebrate the queen! Cher says some true, but crazy stuff and if she didn’t appear, at the age of 74, on stage with a sexy cutout leotard then Mama, where did she go?! 

Sylvia and Marsha P: What list is complete if we didn’t mention the renowned pioneers of LGBTQ+ community Syliva Rivera and Marsha P Johnson. The amount of creativity and bright aura that encapsulates that community is one of the beautifulest parts. Presentation plays a big role. In (INSERT YEAR) when the protests for trans people were catching fire we had two defiant figures carrying the movement on their back. 

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