Paisley, a Power Print That's so 2021

Paisley, a Power Print That's so 2021

Welcome back to the blog! Whatever you think about paisley, it's making its return in fashion culture. Paisley over the last decade has slowly slinked into a place that’s no longer popular and feels very old. Think Vera Bradley… No shade, because we have some goodies from her. Paisley print is essentially a teardrop or seed shaped print that is adorned by other shapes and sparkles. It's still a widely used print around the world, even as the success of the print is not as prominent in the west. . After researching its roots and seeing its use throughout history lets see what it looks like best.


Paisley Print would not be a thing in this era if a Kardashian wasn't wearing it. Look at Kourtney and a friend in Paisley. 

Chris Hemsworth is smoking in this deep blue paisley print suit. Who knew paisley could look so chic! Hemsworth was rolling down the carpet for The Avengers Endgame Premiere. 

Who doesn’t love a good gossip girl paisley moment? Look at Jessica Sohr, also known as the infamous gossip girl ex wearing a one piece paisley jumpsuit. 

Do we have a CW theme going on today? That seems like a yes, because The Vampire Diaries own Bonnie Bennet is making an appearance on the list. She looks stunning in this long sleeve maxi dress adorned in paisley embellishments on the shoulders. 

Cardi B stuns in her collaboration design with luxury brand Natasha Zinko. The bandana, which features the paisley print, is a trademark of Mexican culture and is symbolic in a lot of Latin American countries it’s no surprise its resurfaced. 

More Kardashians in Paisley print, the height difference tho. 

The hottest tea in the celebrity news world was the Harry Styles Olivia Munn dating world. Apparently Munn is getting a lot of flack for dating younger, but is it anyone else’s opinion that matters? She pulled that paisley print into fashion on the carpet. 



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