New Years Resolutions: No Need For A New You?

New Years Resolutions: No Need For A New You?

2021 was a great year to enlighten ourselves on what it means to be fashionable. Many of us were able to continue to build on passion projects, open ourselves to new positivities and try to combat what 2021 had in store for us. This year we learned how to properly wash our clothes, that gen Z despises our penchant for skinny jeans, Heidi Klum is still the King of Halloween and so much more. Now that 2022 is finally here we thought our last blog (on the last day of 2021) should reminisce the great advice we’ve gained in the past year and of course talk about those pesky and often unattainable New Years Resolutions. 

We felt somethings special when we releases the blog on laundry and how to take care of your clothes during the washing process. If you treat your clothes with dignity they will last forever! 


Some New Years Resolutions that just make sense: 


Shop sustainable, ethical, vintage… 

We already shop online so why not spend a little time researching some ethical brands or finding out what Depop, Poshmark and other resale marketplaces are about and get into shopping sustainably. Fast fashion is propelling climate change and you can take part in helping change that. When so many businesses have taken a hit while giant corporations have thrived in the COVID era, you’ll feel great creating a connection to a small, independent business owner who has you in mind. 


Shop Trends?

Take some time to reflect on who you’ve become and who you want to be. If your fashion goals have been met in 2021 and you feel like your closet is a representation of you then maybe being on trend isn’t for you and thats fine. But if 2022 is the year where you want to expand your palette keeping up with trending styles might be a great place for you to start getting into the fashion world. That doesn’t mean buying everything and using it once then tossing it out. Simply analyze the trend, see what works for you and give it a try. Shopping sustainable has made it easy to buy something and sell it to someone once your ready, meaning nothing in the landfill, money in your pocket and you’ve made someone else’s day! 


Shopping with a mindset and not impulse. 

This is important. Yes, its difficult, sometimes not cheap and often an out of the way option to shop sustainable and vice versa shop trends, but that’s why having a mindset is important. Goals are important in all aspects of life because they help pave the way. Create a plan and stick with it. If your not into long-term plans, make a monthly plan or have a structure in place so you don’t end up with clothes you hate and money wasted. 

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