Hit Thriftcon Like a Pro With The Club's Best Shopping Tips

Hit Thriftcon Like a Pro With The Club's Best Shopping Tips

It's finally here, ThriftCon is this weekend and we are pumped. If you don’t know about the event - where have you been? We’ve been thirsting for some thrifting action all year and we can’t wait to see all of your faces. This year is especially important as we are slated to make our debut. Hehe, look at us ThriftCon newbies. ThriftCon was born here in the mile high by three homies looking to share their love of vintage nostalgia. The inaugural event was held in a parking lot back in 2018 and the event's humble beginnings have since exploded into a nationwide tour in major cities. This is the only opportunity we’ve had all year to really convalescence with Denver’s bustling fashion scene. We are eager to meet other thrifters and take in the experience. If you're reading this then you must be preparing for the same. As we share some bts of our prep read on for some helpful “things you should know before attending Denver ThriftCon 2020.” 


ThriftCon seemed miles away when we signed up for the original event and it definitely seemed lightyears away when it got rescheduled. Although The Club has been an online shop for a while now, we haven’t had a chance to join many thrifting events, so ThriftCon is all the buzz lately. Jess, A.K.A CEO and Threaded Social Club’s MVP is eager for you to see some of the goodies we have prepared. She even hustled to California earlier this month to nab some unique streetwear items. If you haven't checked out our social media or website yet, we are very into everyday street wear and sportswear. Jess’ hubby has his own baseball card business so sportswear is a no brainer! Our hat collection is humble but great! Most of our clothes are vintage and unique, centered around the 80s and 90s. We’re not sure when the 2000s became vintage but it is, and we have our fair share of that as well. Our mission is to offer an alternative fast fashion shopping experience, to be eco-friendly! Sustainable shopping is in and it's a step toward a healthy planet. So yeah, joining the ThriftCon roster was a no brainer. 

Jess went on a huge haul in LA. Unfortunately we got no pics because the locale is top secret. Just kidding, but they are strict with those who enter, no images allowed. So I guess you’ll have to settle on seeing us Sunday. But even before the trip to LA we’ve been hustling to find vintage streetwear and jackets to set your fall fashion game on fire. Just this week, when all the banners and design items came in, we had a mini mock set up to see what to take and what was definitely staying behind. Now that we are loaded and the clothes are ready to go it's just a matter of getting there. Stick around next week for a recap of the event! 

Be aware of the Rona: 

Obvi this event is happening under strict regulations. Visit ThriftCon’s FAQ pg to get the full deetz but if you're wondering, Yes wear a mask, duh. We also recommend bringing your own little hand sanitizer to minimize crowding around the sanitize stations. The event is based around contactless payments but don’t worry if cash is a must then we are happy to oblige. 

Go In With a Plan: 

Your time slot will fly by no doubt. If you spend a little time looking at the vendor list and what they offer you’ll have a better chance of knowing who to skip and who to hit. That's not to say, “no exploring allowed” by all means do that. You’ll undoubtedly find unusual hidden gems. Also be aware of items that aren’t in season, if everyone is still looking for summer finds then go for the winter deals and vice versa. 

No Dressing Rooms:

Ladies and gents know your sizes because there are no dressing rooms. That would seem like a common sense acknowledgement but it is a minor fact most often overlooked. Plus you don’t want to be spending your precious time deliberating between a large or a small when you're at limited time. There isn't any word yet as to whether there are restrictions on trying stuff over your clothes, but we highly doubt that as an option. 

Bring Your Own Recyclable Bags:

Your arms will get tired if you're just roaming from vendor to vendor holding everything. It's a thriftCon not Walmart so bring your own bags. If you're lazy or forgetful, ThriftCon is selling totes and we are sure vendors will have something on sale. 

Bring Extra Moola, or Don’t: 

If you're an unhealthy shopaholic and you know yourself, then it's best not to bring that extra hundo to the game. I mean you're literally setting yourself up for failure. Buuut, if you know yourself and you’ll totally regret not getting that vintage colorblock jacket to keep you snug and warm in the winter, then best YOLO. ThriftCon will be back next year but that jacket most likely won’t. 

Prepare to Haggle: 

This time around you might not want to spend your minutes trying to get a buck or two off your purchase but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Vendors are looking to sell and you're looking to buy, it's a win win.  

“Things n one told me” 

Why do we love thrifting? What kind of legacy will thrifting leave for us?

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