Met Gala, A Lexicon of Disappointment

Met Gala, A Lexicon of Disappointment

The Met Gala this year was underwhelming and thats an understatement. When we think of the Met Gala we think over the top, innovative and otherworldly. In that sense we don’t know if everyone got the memo because it seems like the commentary around this year's theme was just not hitting right. If the event was inspired by the US and the fashion industry here then you would think everyone's outfits would be bold, have a callback to America or was at least designed by an American brand. There were many outfits that looked like they could double as a fit to any basic red carpet party. It was a little boring and the outfits that did shine were missing the mark. I don’t know how much futurism really plays into our culture but everyone from Grimes to Petra Shaffer were playing with these elements. It was a hot mess no doubt so let's dive into it. 

Basically, if it looks great or has a unique message or perspective on American fashion, then it goes in the best looks section. If it leaves a bad taste in our mouths, the piece doesn’t live up to its explanation or it's just hideous, it's in the worst regards. Let's get started. 

Best Looks: 

The Best look of the night is and always was Quannah Chasinghorse who stunned in the most referential, iconic look. She is the assignment and basically everyone else failed. What is more American than Native American? We love that she is using her platform to raise awareness and inexplicably be herself and her heritage which continues to this day to be a pilgrimage and defiled. Nothing is more American than our wrought history with Native Americans. Aside from nailing the assignment she looks fabulous and the dress is gorgeous. 

Bless Emily Blunt for making the most of a moment and looking damn good! She is wearing a star spangled dress with a headpiece that is star adorned. She is clearly referencing the 1941 main character Hedy Lamarr in the film Ziegfeld Girls. 

Maluma, leather, cowboy, Americana, yes! Versace, yes, Donatella great job. The cut is great, the gold accents are yes. 

K Stew as a rockabilly goddess is very much the vibe. Teresa follows the hair stylist so this pick might be a little skewed! K-Stew is rocking a classy pink print bolero top and a simple white straight cut pant from Chanel’s 2021 Haute Couture collection. 

Leave it to Kim K to get the assignment right. We are putting her in best looks because she really hit America on the head. From the stretchy material to the athlesuirewear moment with the shirt dress the outfit is speaking to the shift in fashion for women in the 2000s. Early in the millennium we saw low rise jeans and being 90lbs as cool but we are in a moment where body positivity is a thing and women are embraced in all sizes. Stretch fabric is ingrained in American fashion no. The outfit is of course hideous but the message is there, let's just think of it as art. 

Timothy Chalamet has this eclectic mix of high class and casual wear. I loved the designers message and his vision. Ackerman the designer of his tuxedo jacket stated that his inspo was inspired by "the clash of uptown and downtown cultures." Against most men, who wore basic black tuxedos especially. 

We are not full historians of American apparel but we know denim’s close ties, and apparently the theme of the night was sequins so we are starting to think that's very American as well. Lupita Nyong'o is a win for us. We love her hair moment and I love the nod to American fashion and the rich Black history that she sheds some light on. 

Meh Looks:  

Ciara knew the assignment, clearly.  Her clutch is a football and that's cute. The dress is a very modern take on the American fashion designer Geoffrey Beene’s collections. He pioneered the jersey sequin dress. She looks great in the color but on its own it's just not that cute. 

Rosalia, just no. The boots with the slouched top and two sizes two big capri-short situations are a hard pass. We fully understand the cowgirl inspiration so one brownie point rewarded, that's the most we can do. Now her hair, that's another story. 

Gabrielle Union: Damn girl. The dress is stunning if for the fact that it took 1,400 hours to complete. I mean the way it fits her is better than the actual design if we are being honest. It looks cool but the concept is lacking and very underwhelming for a dress of this caliber. The idea is that the dress changes with each step just like America, and while that is true its just wack. 

Tax the Rich, the message gets AOC some points, but as far as the dress, it's pretty simple and it's not worth looking at. 

Billie Elish: Don’t cancel us but other than the fact that she is wearing an iconic brand, Oscar De La Renta, the dress is an absolute bore and on the nose. She is clearly referencing starlets like Sophia Lauren with the hair and wig and a classy elevated look like Marylin Monroe esque. Apparently her inspiration was Holiday Barbie, and in that case it was a no. Also we really like that Billie is choosing something that is simple, has a little bit of sass and is very elegant and she probably feels comfortable and not oversexualized. 

Debby Harry: Did the dress play on all the right American aspects? Yes. It’s very American and country-esque. She is wearing a denim jacket, it's pretty bulky but it's fine. The skirt is pretty in the way that it flows around the train and drags behind her. There is probably a lot of meaning behind the dress but It's tacky, that's the only gripe we have with it. Someone had to say it, it's giving us Ursula vibes. 

Zoey Deutch gets a hard pass because of her lack of on trend representation but her eye look and dress combo is undeniably hot and we are here for it!

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