Lifesaver Hacks Everyone Needs To Know

Lifesaver Hacks Everyone Needs To Know

We all know that feeling in the pit of our stomach when our fav shirt seems destroyed. Maybe a little wine went down the wrong way, or your shirt snagged on the door. It's not a great feeling when your clothes become distressed. Even worse is when you're out and an accident happens! What about those pesky problems with your heels or jeans that lost a button. We’ve all been there and it's a little ridiculous to just buy a new outfit on spot or throw out your otherwise perfect clothes. Good thing the interwebs has provided copious solutions to the mini disasters that can happen to your clothes. Keep reading for our list of lifesaver hacks for your ruined clothes.

Shoes + Accessories

Heel Scuff: Most of these items are already in your purse and luckily they happen to be multi purpose. Who would have thought a good old nail file would come in handy to fix a scuffed suede heel. All you need to do is buff it out. 

Dirty White Shoes: Use nail polish remover to revitalize your white shoes.  

  • Fix Leather with Moisturizer: Leather eventually dries and cracks without proper care. If your shoes or leather accessories are looking a little lifeless, before you rush out the door, apply your fav moisturizer in lieu of shoe polish! 
  • Boot Shape: Stuff your tall boots with those pool noodles. 

    Baking Soda in Shoe: This is a tried and true trick. Absorb that nasty sweat and smell from your shoes with some baking soda. Dump a little in on a napkin for a few hours, even overnight and have restored shoes in the morning. 

  • Sand Slick Soles: Save yourself some pain and stress by sanding down your shoes' slick soles. No mishaps proof. 
  • Tops: 

    Nail Polish Your Buttons: If your button is on the verge of falling off apply some clear nail polish to temporarily keep it going. 

    Shaving Cream to remove makeup stains: Shaving cream is a gentle and nourishing pre-wash treatment to remove makeup stains. 

  • Oil Stains & Dawn: Get those tough oil stains out of your shirt by gently applying and rubbing in some dish soap before you wash. 

  • Jeans 

  • Gum in jeans: That full vinegar bottle sitting in your pantry you thought you would never use is finally coming in handy. 

    Funky Smelling Jeans: Hate washing your jeans? Yup. Stick them stinky jeans in the freezer overnight and you’ll have a fresh smelling pair of jeans.
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