Last Minute Tips and Tricks for Shopping

Last Minute Tips and Tricks for Shopping

Tips for the last minute Christmas shopper

Nothing is more of a disaster than having to tackle that dreaded holiday shopping. These days online shopping seems to be easier, but we have exactly a week till the big day and sometimes you’re going to have to trek it in the store to find the last minute goods for the people in your life. Luckily, or at least in Colorado, there is a decent level of common curtsey, and those viral Walmart fights hardly happen here. Whether you’re putting Amazon to work, or getting out there and doing it old school, check out this blog to help you through this holiday season. 



Santa said make a list, so do it. 


Before you even step into the store, get that list ready. Pre-gaming your shopping adventure is essential. Your going to be tempted to throw all the dope holiday themed gifts in your basket and when your left wondering how  your $20 Target run turned into a 200 dollar purchase, its most likely because you weren’t prepared. Stores are out to get your money and you will be more than willing to give it for all the shiny shit in the store. Go in with a plan, and if it’s a loose plan, that’s fine, if its detailed that’s fine. Layout your budget, what gift ideas you have and where you will need to go. 


Check the online prices first

I don’t know if you’re noticed this, but many places have price differences from online versus in store. Be aware that you your items might be on sale online.  Often times at the same store - were looking at you Walmart - you’ll find the same item for cheaper. Just let someone know if they can price match the online price and boom, you just got a deal. If you’re in a money pinch, don’t forget to look at other stores as well. 


Don’t deviate from the plan

You can shop for yourself at any time of the year, don’t fall prey to all the isles and stick to the purpose of your visit. If you already planned on getting that new table cloth or a face mask for yourself then by all means go for it. Also try to avoid isles that you know you’ll be tempted to buy stuff in. Save your money for the after Christmas sales. You might even get a gift card or two. The worst thing you can do is stop at your favorite store to browse. Just. Don’t. Do. It. 


Last Last Minute Shopping isn’t that bad


Christmas Eve can seem like the worst day to shop. The stores are probably empty, people are rushing etc… In actuality, Christmas Eve shopping is actually peaceful. Most people have gotten what they need and are already chilling at home with their loved ones. So compared to the days leading up to it, you might find some goodies and peace of mind right before the party. 


Anxious Shopping 


Raise your hand if you just don’t know when to throw in the towel? Yup, sounds like us too. Last minute shopping has us second guessing all our gifts, but you know what? Just because your a late shopper doesn’t mean your gift isn’t meaningful, or inadequate. Now if you get a coffee gift basket for a friend that only drinks tea, because that’s all that was left in the store. Well that sounds, not good… 




We all have that closet full of new stuff we haven’t touched. If you’re in a serious bind, got invited to a last minute Christmas party or just don’t have the energy to make it to the store it’s time to search the house. Hopefully nobody finds you out, but re-purposing the candle set you got from Suzy and giving it to your cousin is ok. Just don’t gift something worn, dirty or generally un-giftable. 


Shop Independent 


Instead of going to the Chocolate Factory, try your local chocolate shop. Around the holidays local shops have to compete with big corporations and often times they are overlooked. Supporting your fav independent business is a win win for you and for them. 


Gift Cards or Gifting an Experience 


Gift cards are small in size but bring the most joy! People love the ability to shop for what they want and especially with gift cards. Another alternative to gift cards are gift certificates to do fun stuff, like skydiving or a sip and paint night. Gifts like these are usually not solo activities so your most likely helping them get out of their comfort zones or maybe putting someone in their comfort zone.


Last tip on our last minute shopping guide, have fun. Try to keep your shopping journey hassle free, because once it becomes a hassle it’s over. 

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