It's Sweater Weather

It's Sweater Weather

It's not a winter wonderland here in Colorado (although New York we see you!) but it doesn’t mean that the harsh wind isn’t howling out here. Just this morning we woke up to a misty, chilly sunrise. If you're like us then your sweater arsenal has been ready for use since Nov 1st. Those larger furry sweaters are finally going to be put to use!! Nothing is as satisfying then curling up with a warm fuzzy velour sweater on the couch while it sprinkles outside. Or maybe taking a satisfying walk through the park with your oversized cardigan as the sun glistens while it sets. Sweaters are more than just a fashionable item, they are built for comfort when you're feeling lazy, happy, sad. No two sweaters are the same and just like shirts and jeans, they are technically year-round. Obviously thick sweaters keep you toasty but light sweaters will keep your skin protected from basically everything. Everybody hands up!! Now if you're not a sweater person but really looking to jump in and explore then you are reading the right blog! Today we are covering some of the winter must have styles and designs as well as a few pairing ideas to keep your 2020 wardrobe fresh.

Sweaters are nothing new and their origins lie overseas. Back in the 15th century, the first records of what we call the sweater can be found in communities on the island of Guernsey. Using the land to their benefit, many men worked out on the sea as fisherman. Fishermen's wives knitted these sweaters so they could go out to sea and brave the cold, they were called guernseys. After guernseys gained traction and were adopted by coastal communities it wasn’t until around the 19th century that they evolved. Sweaters were worn by not only fishermen but sailors and other government positions as well. At the end of the 19th century sweaters became an everyday fashion item for men. Today sweaters are worn by everyone and the styles are varied. Sweaters can be all kinds of confusing because there are not only different designs but also different fabric types but we will cover the basics. Enjoy and let us know in the comments what you think about this week’s blog. 


Jumping right in, Turtlenecks. If you read our last blog - which you should have, come on guys - then you know that those high collar sweaters are not for everyone. But if you're all about breaking the rules or just love the bonus neck warmer on your sweater, then this is it for you. The turtleneck has an interesting history, which we won’t spend much time diving into, but know when you sport one of these you are rocking a piece that has seen light during protests, fancy dinners at Tiffany’s and much more. We love sports at The Club so obviously this awesome Colorado Rockies Turtleneck is where our minds are at. 


The cardigan craze exploded back in the early 2010s and has remained a staple. Now that vintage is ehhem a huge fashion trend Kurt Cobain is probably reeling! Essentially a cardigan is a button down, collarless sweater. The neckline is usually in a v- shaped and it's usually made out of wool although you can find any style made out of any fabric these days. Today many of these brands also incorporate zippers into the design which gifts the cardigan an upscale look.  We have so many beautiful cardigans like this pink Dreamers duster. Grab that cardigan as an accessory to your look or just as something to throw on on-the-go. Teresa always wears an oversized cardigan to the Bodega. 

V Neck Sweater:

If you were born in the 90s and grew up in the 2000s then you know the tragic polo fad that literally upended high schools everywhere. Wherever the polo was found a v neck sweater was close by. As the poster child for preppy teens and business casual in the office, V neck sweaters hold a special place in the fashion world. If you're busty and have a short neck, these sweaters are definitely for you. This blue vintage rockies sweater is just to die for. Apparently we love the Rockies a lot but suede is a big vibe going into 2021 so maybe this Vintage Hill suede V neck is what you're working for. 


And the award for most worn and trendy sweater goes to the crewneck, champion brand most likely. The crew neck sweater is for the people man. This is the ultimate sweater for warmth, swag, and clout. You have a basic snug round neck sweater with an elastic waist and cinched cuffs. It's the universal sweater that goes good with everyone.

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