How to Wear a Dress Like A Pro, The Definitive Survival Guide

How to Wear a Dress Like A Pro, The Definitive Survival Guide

Dress season is year-round. A great dress can make anyone feel sexy and superior or give off a clean and elegant look. Just as a pair of jeans is a staple item, a dress is a must have. It’s a chance to be creative and adventurous in a simple one piece (sometimes a bold two-piece too). Having some basic styles of dresses will give you a fashion edge and help accentuate your body depending on your mood. After all, a thigh slit-maxi is way more cutesy then a low cut v-shaped midi dress. But dress shopping and even knowing what type of dresses work well with your body is a stressful task. Check out our list of hot tot dress styles every woman should know and read further for some tips to zhouji your dress style game. 

Midi / Maxi / Mini:

These are the most common styles of dresses with each emphasizing your body in multiple ways. The not-so-scandalous mini dress is a bold way to attract attention to the legs. If you're feeling extra embolden, pair with strappy heels for a night on the town. Midi dresses are a great starting point if you're unsure of an event's dress code. The midi dress can be right above or right below the knee, with some dresses reaching calf length. Go midi if you want to relax and have fun! For the rectangle shaped ladies this is the dress for you. The maxi dress is made for comfort and versatility. Depending on the fabric and cut you can definitely spice up a maxi with fun accessories and footwear or keep it casual by styling with a jean jacket and sneakers! Although this dress works for all body types it looks especially well on athletic builds that are tall and long. 

Wrap Dress: 

Every woman needs a wrap dress. It is the best travel piece and best dress to take you from season to season. As the name indicates, the wrap dress ties in the front, usually on the side and is generally mid length. But a lot of cute maxi-wraps are trending as well. It can create hourglass silhouette effect and is an ideal choice for athletic body types.  In the summer a wrap dress will keep you cool and is great on its own. But during the latter half of the year pair this dress with some leggings, jacket and nab a scarf if the air is crisp.  





Bodycon dresses, usually made from a stretchy material, are wow factors. They hug all your curves and perfect for a night out or a showstopper during a party. Because this dress is so form fitting you might want to bust out your trusty Spandex undergarments to help keep you looking great all night long! 


A line dress is generally casual and all purpose. This dress enhances the upper body, specifically the shoulders, while the bottom hugs the thighs and flairs out, literally creating an A shape. For the pear shaped ladies of the world, get hour hands on one of these!


A pencil dress is slightly more form fitted than an A-line, but rather than molding to the body it is only cinched at the waist. Keep it simple and fresh for fall by wearing a sweater pencil dress or dress to impress on date night with or red carpet-esque event with a plunging neckline. Depending on the cut, you can enhance your bosoms or wear a more work appropriate button up style. A Line dress looks great with pony tail hair and minimal jewelry. 

Shirt / Sweater Dress: 

Both the shirt and sweater dress are business on top and flowy on bottom. Depending on your fabric and print choice you can style on the edgier rock side with a pair of black faux leather boots and wrist jewelry or a vintage look with an updo and open-toed heels.


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