Threaded Social Club Presents: A Brief History of Halloween & last minute halloween Costumes

Threaded Social Club Presents: A Brief History of Halloween & last minute halloween Costumes

Halloween is here and do you want to know something really scary? In some of the worst news in recent times Dr. Fauci just stated in a live interview with Australian college that the world might not get better till 2022. That's some truly spooky ominous forecasting. Well on a lighter note whether you're trying to live while we still can this Halloween or spending the day on the couch keep scrolling for a fun read. 

A brief History of Halloween: 

Way back in the day the celtics ruled much of Western Europe. They held a very tight grip on Ireland, northern France and Great Britain where much of that culture remains alive today. The celts celebrated the festival of Samhain during the end of October. It was a time to dress up in costumes and light bonfires as a way to ward off evil spirits that they believed came back to visit earth. During these events animals were sacrificed and crops were burnt as a way to appease the dieties.  It was during this time, during the transition from October to November that the celts celebrated the beginning of a new year as well. Fast track to when the catholics conquered, killed and converted the celts to catholicism. Many of the original traditions and beliefs of the natives were incorporated into catholicsm. The festival of Samhain became All Saints Day and the original festivities became a day to remember the saints. The Halloween we know today came to the U.S. with the colonies. Although many colonies did not celebrate the tradition Maryland was one of the first to host parties and make mischief. During the potato famine when Irish immigrants settled in the U.S halloween became more accepted. But instead of focusing on the religioujs and superstitious aspects, Americans focused on parties and games. Eventually the Halloween we know today was born. It really is a brief history, and not much to say. So lets get on to the main event, the outfits. Are you a procrastinator who plans everything late? Here are five last minute DIY costumes you can pull together for your festivities. 


We often do research for these blog posts and this particular costume is either the most genius simple costume ever or the best DIY costume ever. Everyone has a black on black go to outfit. No we aren’t talking your blazer best and the finest date night dress. We are talking about that simple crewneck and joggers. Come on not lame, you were already going to wear it so lets step it up. All you need is some white tape and the internet. Cut your tape according to bones and strategically place them in the shape of a skeleton on your black outfit. There you have it, a cost effective, low maintenance Halloween outfit. 

  1. DIY gauze costume: 

Walmart never runs out of the gauze so nab a few dollars worth of the material and call it a day. Throw if all over you and your a ghost. Face paint doesn’t hurt. 

  1. Pop Art: For all you creatives out there get your paint out (face paint of course). The next sinister costume is not really sinister at all. Think andy warhol but the simplified version. Place a few dots on strategically on your face and make sure you have distinct eye makeup and eyebrows and ta-da. It’s an all go. 

  1. Smarties: 

And the winner for the worst costume goes to smarties. Just tape smarties to your clothes and wear a pair of fake glasses. A’ voila, outfit complete. If your answering your door then maybe bring a book. 


Ok if your reading this than you already like, and presumably buy, vintage. Which means the 80s is already a part of your vibe. Nothing is simpler than layers, patterns and hairspray for big ass hair. Really if you just did the hair your 80s glam is pretty much set. I mean that will take up enough of your time. But get your kids tutu out of the closet and some checkered vest over a striped polka dot shirt. That is an outfit to remember. This works for every decade also, get your retro pants on. 

  1. Risky Business 

As if you need an explanation. White button-up, long socks and long hair. 

  1. Rosie The Riveter 

Talk about iconic. Every woman has a collared faux jean button-up classic and if you cant muster up a 99 cent bandana then do you really deserve to be celebrating Halloween. 


  1. Ok I thought lame ideas couldn’t get any worse than the smarties but alas here we are at the last costume of the list. Nickelback. Just glue some nickels on the back of a white t-shirt. Nickleback. 
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