Fashion in Film: Wonder Woman 1984

Fashion in Film: Wonder Woman 1984

We take a lot of fashion cues from movies, tv, music and social media and those are just a few. In the new year we are introducing a monthly blog post dedicated to analyzing wardrobes in the entertainment industry. Let's talk about fashion and what is going on with it in 2021. Did it work? Is it bad? Who are some amazing stylists that we see? This week we have to take a look at the wardrobe that made waves on Christmas, yes Wonder Woman.

In Wonder Woman 1984 Gal Gadot reprises her role as Diana Prince. She is a Smithsonian employee by day while keeping the city safe at night as Wonder Woman. It seems this Diana is content in this new world although she has a void for her former love interest Steve (who sacrificed himself to save the world). As she makes her way in this decade she befriends a mousey and not too interesting (at first glance) character named Barbara. Barbara is a new employee who is obviously overshadowed by Diana. You know the movie is going to be interesting when the hilarious Kristin Wig is stepping into the role of Barbara. So the movie is a little cheeky and campy but we’re here for it. Not to give out too many spoilers for those of you just here for the fashion, but there is a wishing stone and an important fashion moment that leads into the main plot of the movie. Barbara wishes to be like Diana with the stone in hand. She envisions Diana as this professional, outgoing, likeable person and in the moment she makes her wish she also envisions her fierce side in Diana's cheetah pumps. It helps solidify this outgoing image that Barbara has of Diana. Now would be a good time to point out that this movie takes place in 84’ but the costuming for Diana is not overtly of that decade. The fashion in this movie is really based around the characters and for Diana there is a heavy emphasis on a classic, timeless appeal while nodding to the characters history and the time period. Other characters have more traditional 80s fashion elements although but we’ll get into that later.

The original Wonder Woman Linda Carter might have served as inspiration for this outfit. In the tv series’ later seasons wears an outfit identical to Gadot's WW. Diana looks like a stylish sleuth as she dons this beige blazer, waistcoat and trouser pants. This iconic outfit is also a nod to Annie Hall, according to the chief costume designer on WW1984, Lindy Hemming. She took inspiration from American designers of the time and Ralph Lauren. Everything was custom made except for that waistcoat, which is Ralph Lauren. Although this outfit has some hallmarks of the Wonder Woman legacy its still timeless considering Barbaras outfit. 

Barbara’s unhinged, edgy but trying to hold it together, and totally rockin’ it ensemble is the 2020 vibe embodied. Everything she wore in this movie was a trendy mix of 80s hair metal and glam rock. Unlike Diana whose character has this timeless appeal, Barbara goes through a dramatic fashion change as she evolves into the antagonist. Her character arc is definitely developed through fashion. She starts the movie as a meek and timid character dressed in oversized clothes and nothing to attention grabbing. The climax of her transformation manifests in a tight black dress, smokey eyed makeup and styled hair. Her animalistic nature matures when she wears the big fur coat and thigh high boots that essentially look like cheetah legs with their extended rise.  


Damn. That white dress is amazing, and although it doesn’t really reflect the “regal,” Dynasty attire of the time it is still beautiful. Gal Gadot is tall and lean and this dress accentuates her slim legs. The way the stark white dress flows as she moves preserves her essence and where she comes from, Themyscira. Lindy Hemming, costume designer for the film stated that she was looking for a way to keep Diana’s timeless style while also creating this show stealing look.


It would be blasphemous if we skipped over the best fashion moment in the movie, the new gold suit. Although Gadot said it was more than uncomfortable, the suit was a shining moment on screen. This is also a nod to past works from the films comic book beginnings.


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