Fashion in Film: The Devil Wears Prada

Fashion in Film: The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada: 

This month it seems we are tackling some of the biggest names in fashion and film. Last week we covered Stussy and the brand's lasting appeal and this week we are back on our monthly movie review with The Devil Wears Prada. Yes, this iconic movie about one journalist's journey into the pit of hell and back. According to an article written by Nylon, TDWP can be described as accurate. Chilling… But in the modern age you can actually customize what level of tragedy fits your life. How great! All jokes aside, the degree at which Andy received abuse and trouble from her catty co-workers and extremely rude and eccentric boss is only partially true. We are sure there are jobs in the fashion industry that are like this but not all. Besides, there are a lot of lessons to be learned from the movie, like sacrificing yourself for the job isn’t always worth it, change is ok, life is more than being at the top etc… The movie is, first and foremost about fashion, so let's break down the fashion and how that relates to Andy’s character arc. 


It's pretty obvious that Andy is not a fashionista by any means when she applies for the job. We have to wonder also, is she even a journalist? She dresses like a couch potato and although she seems like she can be voicestrous, it's rare to see her potential behind those overgrown bangs. She is a cat lady frump as she is referred to at The Club. 


It's interesting to watch Andy’s journey as she struggles to find a place. In order to write or understand the environment she is working in she was to step into it. A lot of journalists who cover daily news will tell you that's a big no no, but hard news journalists, or those seeking the truth or cover human interest stories know that understanding what your writing about is as important to telling the whole story. Through Andy’s fashion evolution we can see the line between journalist and subjective storytelling blur. 

In the beginning of the film Andy has this bookish, cat lady vibe. She isn’t really interested in her appearance and it shows. The clothes she chooses wear her and when she starts her job at the renowned Runway magazine it's apparent she is not taking the role serious enough. 


The Cerulean sweater: 

  • This iconic sweater is a turning point in the film’s plot. Andy’s condescending approach to her job leads to Mirand chewing her out and educating her about the clothes. Andy realizes that in order to cut it at the mag she needs to invest in learning the culture. 


  • Miranda is tre impressed when Andy revamps herself. After a mini crisis, which she works out with Nigel, the creative art director at runway, she becomes a fashionista. Obviously Miranda knows that Andy is smart, she has a degree that can take her anywhere but Miranda wants to see if she can pull off this type of work. This is one for the win. 


Prepping For Paris: 

  • This moment for sure is Andy’s real first taste of upscale New York. Miranda invites rising star Andy to a charity event where she saves Miranda from embarrassment when Miranda’s secretary fails to remember a charity donor's name. She is eventually rewarded with a trip to Paris for Fashion Week, the very event that Emily was eager to attend. We see Andy full blown queen. She has officially embraced the runway chic with her elegant updo, sleek shoes and open neck shawl. Under Miranda’s tutelage, she begins to focus on the details and see how hard she can drive herself.  


  • During the trip to Paris, this marks Andrea’s character change or the tipping point. Her fashion reflects this as well. She has made it after burning relationships in New York and is living in a fantasy in the world's most romantic city. Here she makes questionable choices, relishes in what her world could be and ultimately has a choice to make.

The movie remains the sole mainstream insight that the average on-lookers need. The movie is about power, manipulation, sex, glory, and undulated love for the job but it is also a great depiction of what goes on behind the scenes. Fashion is not easy and this movie proved that. Even Andy realized that news and entertainment in the fashion industry is just like any other news outlet, hard, long hours and intelligence.

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