Depop Tags explained for Millennial's and older

Depop Tags explained for Millennial's and older

Depop unleashed the power of online thrifting to gen-z by creating a space dedicated to all things retro and sub culture. Unlike all our other fav sites, Poshmark, Ebay, etc… Our younger audience craves the 90s and 2000s aesthetic of our youth and it’s cool that Depop created a community.  Depop has its own fun lingo and if you have a few gen-zers of your own, orr possibly you're an old soul wanting to understand this new age group we thought we would break down some of the trending words used on Depop. 

GorpCore: This is an intimidating one! What the hell is gorp? The term is rather irrelevant (but if you want a full deep dive keep posted to our blog, we have one coming) but the essence of this trend is fashion with a function. If you're an outdoorsy kind of person then chances are you have some items from patagonia, Nike, Terrex and other outdoorsy brands. Gen z might not have a love for nature but they do have a look for puffer jackets, hiking shoes and trekker approved pants. 

Y2k: This should be a familiar term for anyone into Missy Elliot, Aaliyah, and any black girl group from the 90s. Essentially y2k is Future retroism in fashion so think space centered, black leather, shiny eyeliner and bold lips.

Regency: If there is a trend that swept Netflix bingers and fashionistas alike it was Regency. The spring saw some of the most iconic looks based on the hit show Brigerton. Still lost? Regency refers to corsets, dresses, tulle of the 1800s. Currently anything that looks like it’s out of Downton Abbey or that ilk can be considered a modern take on this trend.

BikerCore: one of the easiest trends to spot on the street is the modern day biker core. This trend is perpetuated by none other than luxury brand Balenciaga and Kim Kardashian. Think luxe leathers, studded moto-chic jackets, anything Harley-Davidson and Motosport. No matter if you're rich or poor, there is a way to put a spin on this trend. 

Let’s take a minute to show some admiration for the fact that fashion changes so fast these days and all of these trends, tags were big hits this year alone. 

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