Lunar New Year 2023

Lunar New Year 2023

Lunar New Years begins this Sunday! What a happy time to eat great food, share in new beginnings and especially great is getting a new pair of clothes. Clothes play a key role in this precious time. Read below for a brief history of Chinese New Years (the country most known and associated with the holiday), some taboos to avoid, hot brands making waves with their “bunny” lines. NOTE: after the release of this article we have learned that Lunar New Year encompasses many more cultures and countries. 

If your unfamiliar with Chinese Lunar New Year, basically the holiday is a 15-day even that follows (can follow) moon phases (hence its name). Although the festivities have direct origins in lore the gist is about starting fresh, spending time with family and bringing prosperity and strength in the new year. Hence the color red which signifies the aforementioned. China is huge so its not a surprise that each region does things a little different. Northern China, for example eats dumplings to celebrate, while Southern China dines on rice cakes. Although everyone does it a little different there are some taboos that are considered the ultimate party foul by all. Many of these are rooted in superstition and will bring bad luck, death and a bad year if violated.

- Never wear black. It brings bad energy

- Don’t press for payment or debt or you’ll have money troubles all year.

- Don’t scold your kids or they will be bad all year

- On new year’s eve never eat the fish head or tail, leave it for the next day. It signifies wealth in the new year.

- Party hard on New Year’s Eve too, going to bed early won’t ward the “Sui” monster away.

- Don’t eat porridge. Its food for the poor so in order to maintain wealth avoid it.

Okay, you’ve got the gist. Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty fashion. We stand behind thrifting and recycling fashion 100% but its always great to collect inspiration from high fashion and trends. Who know your vintage dad sneakers might be the next “it” thing (we’re looking at you 2020). These are some of our fav 2023 LNY collections.

Ferragamo has come in clutch with its simplistic approach to the bunny. Borderline “psycho,” the mesmerizing albino bunny eye is alluring set against a white backdrop. Gotta love a good silk scarf moment. The collection includes red sneakers, luxury men’s bags and unisex t’s and trousers among other things.

The North Face had to get in on the action. You can catch a reworked 1996 print puffer and 86 Retro Mountain Jacket featuring printed silhouettes of rabbits. The primary color is obviously red but the collection includes a variety of others to choose from as well.

Acne Studios campaign for CLNY is cutsey, which is not surprising for a luxury brand always putting their spin on culture. SS23 is a collaboration with artist Apollinaria Broche and features accessories among a slew of rabbit inspired tones imbedded in the pieces.

When we think of floral patterns we get horror flashbacks from the 2010s when boho was hot. Luckily Dior is Dior and their 2023 campaigns may have floral prints but the cringe is nowhere to be found. When we were brushing up on our CLNY knowledge we came across an insightful article about the fashion industry and China’s impact on a multi-billion dollar facet.

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